How Security Cameras Work

How Security Cameras Work

At some time in our lives, many of us might have experienced a burglary. This experience has become a nightmare to many people that they wouldn’t want to leave their home or apartment if there is no one around to keep an eye on their properties. Some people who don’t have a choice than to leave are nervous about what might happen when they are not around and keep looking back after locking the door. The truth is that you can’t be in two places at the same time. You either stay at home if you are worried about the security of your properties or go out to do your daily task.

Unfortunately, you can’t do the former because you have to go to work and visit some other essential places, including the grocery store. So what can you do? Security cameras are one of the perfect and effective ways of leaving your home without anxiety. Having the top-rated surveillance security systems will help you know what is going on when you are away by recording activities in and around your home. To learn about how security cameras work, read on!

Types of Security Cameras Available   

When you enter a big store that sells surveillance security cameras, you will be overwhelmed with a large number of surveillance cameras available from different brands with their confusing technical jargon. There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before you go to the store to buy a video camera. Do you know the type of surveillance cameras available? Have you thought of the type of security camera you want to install in and around your home? Best home security system, either indoor or outdoor security cameras, have different sizes and purposes.

Some are tiny and can serve as hidden security cameras or spy cam while others are large and are often installed outside your home where intruders or trespassers can see that you are watching them. A surveillance camera out in the open can prevent criminals from coming near your home. To better understand how security cameras work, let’s take a look at the different types of surveillance cams and the situations where they best fit. Take note that there is a difference between the features of a surveillance camera, the type of housing they come in, and the security camera type. Here is what I mean. Now that we are now in the golden age of surveillance cameras, the types of security cameras available are fixed surveillance cameras, PTZ also called Pan/Tilt/Zoom, and 360-degree or Virtual PTZ. Relax! I will make you understand each type.

Furthermore, the types of security camera system housing are bullet, discreet or hidden, dome, and outdoor. So, regardless of the housing type, and surveillance camera type, a home security camera can come with extra features such as wireless or wire, infrared, auto-focus, remote zoom, thermal imaging, and more.

Understanding the Type of Surveillance Camera System Available 

  1. Fixed Camera

This type of surveillance camera can come in various housings including dome, bullet, and discreet or hidden spy cameras. The surveillance system type is fixed in a position to capture a specific area of the house. You can fix it outdoor or indoor and point them to the direction you want the surveillance camera to watch. Take note; they can either be wireless security cameras or surveillance cameras with wire. This category of video camera can include battery powered surveillance cameras, and C-mount cameras (security system with changeable lenses). 

  1. PTZ Surveillance camera   

This home security camera is the type that can pan, tilt, and zoom in on an intruder or an object moving in the room where it is installed. The surveillance camera is housed in a case with gears and motors that allows you to move it remotely. It means you can move this type of surveillance camera to follow a person as they move in the area where you have installed the cam. Best home security camera systems that fall into this category come with a greater zoom range that helps operators or users cover a large area. Just like the fixed security cameras, they can also be wireless or wired, and they also come with many features, including high-resolution, motion-sensor, and more. Do note that there are some downsides to these types of surveillance cameras. The area they can cover will begin to reduce as you increase the magnification.   

  1. 360-Degree Or Virtual PTZ       

This type of surveillance cameras often come in dome housing. The 360-degree or Virtual PTZ security systems have many high-resolution cameras fixed in the housing. It captures all images from all directions, and you can zoom up to the limit of the video cameras installed in the Virtual PTZ surveillance system. They are best used in hallways and rooms where there will not be obstructed field of view. If your room is large or you have a large backyard, this type of surveillance camera can be a perfect choice.

Now that you understand the various security cameras available let’s take a quick look at the different housing available.

Surveillance Security Camera Housings Available    

  • Dome housing - It often houses a fixed surveillance camera and 360-degree PTZ. They are often used for both indoor and outdoor security cameras. The cover has a dome shape and is deceptive to where the cams are looking at. When you look at the surveillance camera system from a distance, you can’t tell if it’s looking in your direction or not. Generally, cameras in this type of housing are called dome cameras or dome IP cameras.

 Dome Housing Camera

  • Bullet housing – those common surveillance cameras you see in the neighborhood, the supermarket, and on the street that has a rifle bullet or lipstick shape are the cams with bullet housing. Generally, they are called bullet cameras. But in the real sense, they are fixed security camera systems. You can’t pan or tilt the surveillance system unless you adjust the cams yourself. Do note that they are security cameras for home which is often used outdoors.

 Bullet Housing Camera

  • Discreet Housing – the type of surveillance security cameras with this housing are often known as hidden security cameras or spy cams. They are designed to look like something else. Cameras can be built into motion sensors, smoke detectors, USB, screws, buttons, flash drives, and more. One of the best-hidden surveillance cameras with discreet housing is the HD Mask. It is housed in a case that makes it look like a phone charger. As the best USB charger hidden camera, you can use the HD Mask both indoor and outdoor in as much as you have a wall unit in the room or the area.        

Discreet Housing Camera

Features of Security Cameras and What they Do

  • Resolution ­– surveillance cameras vary in resolution. The amount of resolution your cams come with will determine the quality of the picture taken and video recorded. What does this mean? The higher the resolution measured in megapixel, the better the quality of the image your surveillance camera provides. Most of the best home security cameras available come with 1080p (2 megapixels) resolution, and they offer a sharper and clearer picture quality that surveillance systems with 720p resolutions. A perfect example of a cam with 1080p HD resolution is the best USB spy camera known as HD Mask. Note that the higher the resolution, the higher the storage you will require 
  • Low light performance – there are security cameras that do a good job at taking pictures and recording videos clearly whether in the day or at night when there is low light. Surveillance cameras with day/night capabilities often come with infrared illuminators that provide a light source and help you get better images in darker areas. 
  • Motion detector sensor – most of the surveillance security cameras available in the market today come with motion detector sensor. This allows a wireless security camera system or the wired ones to detect movements in the areas where they are installed. Also, there are some best home security systems that will start recording and alert you immediately motion is detected.     
  • 2-way audio – If you are an individual that have kids or workers (nanny and chef) who work in your home, this feature may be important for you to consider. There are surveillance cameras that allow you to communicate with people at home when you are not around. They have speakers that provide clear sounds and an in-built microphone.   

Additionally, construction material, thermal imaging, wireless strength, the durability of the wire (for wired surveillance cameras), facial recognition, and the mode of installation (easy or a bit difficult to do) should be considered.

Remember, these features can be found in wired security cameras and wireless surveillance cameras. So how do they function?

How Do Wired Security Cameras Work?

Wired security cameras are security systems that rely on cables for power, internet connection, and video transmission. Video signals are transmitted to a viewing device such as television or computer through video cables. The wired surveillance camera can be powered through a separate cord or one Power Over the Ethernet cable.

How Do Wireless Security Cameras Work?   

Wireless surveillance cameras transmit video signals and audio signals over a wireless network often the internet to a receiver or recorder that is connected to your viewing and recording device which can be a computer or smartphone. The video footage can be saved in a cloud storage account or other storages like smartphone and computer. 

Installing Surveillance Security Cameras  

Here are the steps involved in installing security cams in your home.

  • Determine the areas of your home you want to put under surveillance. Is it the outdoor, indoor, or both? If it is indoor, how many rooms will undergo surveillance? If it is outdoor, how wide is the area? Also, ensure the area is ethical and legal. 
  • When you get all the questions sorted out, decide on the surveillance camera type(s) you want to purchase and the features you want them to come with. Cameras with dome housing and bullet housing are perfect for outdoors. But surveillance cameras with discreet housing, some dome housing, and some bullet housing surveillance cameras are a good option for indoors. Note that PTZ security cameras and 360-degree or Virtual PTZ security systems can also be used indoors and outdoors. 
  • Once you make the purchase, read the instruction manual of the surveillance system to know how to install it. Most of the times, you can easily install the cameras yourself, although there are times that you will need a professional to help you. However, getting an HD Mask hidden camera phone charger can save you the cost of getting a professional. Little to no installation is required. Just plug the cam in a wall unit, download the app, and see it in action.  

Surveillance Security Camera

What Surveillance Camera System Does When You Install Them

  • Surveillance cameras increase the safety of your home and reduce the risk of burgling your home drastically.
  • In case, your home is burgled when you are not around video surveillance cams help increase the chance of catching the trespasser or thief. With high definition surveillance cameras such as HD Mask, you will be able to give a quality description of the person who committed the crime. Also, security systems with facial recognition technology can be a plus.
  • The wireless surveillance camera system in your home makes it easy for you to check on your workers and kids when you are not around. A video camera with 2-way audio can be used to communicate with your kids.
  • Additionally, it can be used to gather clues and evidence in a situation where a crime is committed around or in your house and the accused is denying the truth.

You can learn more about what surveillance cameras do after installing them by checking our previous post

Final Words on How Security Camera Works

For you to select the best surveillance security camera system, you need to pay careful attention and understand the different types of cams available. Also, consider the features they come with and if they meet your needs or requirements. Choosing the right wireless security camera system and installing them in your home can be a game changer.  

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