How Useful Are Video Surveillance Cameras

How Useful Are Video Surveillance Cameras

Let’s face the truth; no one would wish to experience burglary or crime in their home, office, business, and property. Which mean you might agree with me that security is so important in this modern and fast-paced world. To make the world safer, analog video surveillance cameras were used for security and monitoring of properties. But today, surveillance cameras continue to enjoy enviable growth, and digital video surveillance cameras have now become one of the wonders of modern technology.

Today, check many homes, public places, street, businesses, offices, and more, you will find out that the best security cameras are installed. But have you ever wondered how important and useful the video surveillance cameras are? Whether you are thinking of replacing your old security cameras or thinking of installing new ones, it is important to know how useful the video surveillance cameras are. Below are the different ways security cameras can be useful.

Top 12 Uses Of Video Surveillance Cameras

  1. They Prevent Crime from Occurring

How would you feel, do, or behave if you are somewhere and you are being watched? Of course, you will try to be more careful and mindful of your actions and if you know what you are about to do will get you into trouble, you will stop. Isn’t it? The same thing applies to an individual or intruder trying to break into your property. When mischief-makers see that the best USB spy camera and other installed video surveillance cameras are steering at them, they will be intimidated and be on their best behaviors knowing that their activity will be captured and they can be caught red-handed. Whether you install a hidden camera phone charger or obvious video surveillance cameras in your home or workplace, they can deter crime and prevent your properties from becoming easy targets.

  1. Video Surveillance Cameras Help To Reduce the Rate of Crime

Many people that commit crimes such as theft, rape, kidnapping, assault, and more have been caught by surveillance cameras installed in public places and USB security cameras installed in the home. There are many video surveillance statistics to show how useful video surveillance cameras have been in reducing the crime rate. Some of them are:

  • In Humboldt Park, Chicago, crime incidents have been reduced by 20 percent after the installation of security cameras. 
  • Between 2003 and 2006, the rate of crime reduced by 50% in East Orange, New Jersey due to the surveillance cameras installed. Robbery drop drastically to half their previous rate, rape also reduce to one-third of their previous rates, and murders saw a drop by about two-thirds of their previous rates.   
  • According to the New York City Police Department, security systems alleviate criminal activities by 35% in public housing projects. 
  • Additionally, in 2007, Philadelphia experienced a 37% decrease in crime after installing surveillance cameras.

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       3. Security Cameras Help To Gather Evidence and Catch Criminals

USB wall charger camera and other surveillance cameras can be installed in strategic places to monitor the actions and record the words of people. The flawless sound with the crystal clear images can help you gather evidence for legal use. If a person commits a crime, there is a higher chance of catching the person. The images of the criminal can be taken and aired on network television and posters can also be created. Also, when a crime occurs and the eye witness has forgotten or finding it hard to remember some important details of what happened, the series of the event can be unfolded by using recorded videos and sounds from video surveillance cameras.

A good example is the bombing at the Boston Marathon. The department store has a surveillance security camera that captured images of the two bombing suspects. This helped the FBI to release the shots within three days. Imagine if there were no security cameras around to record the event, how long do you think it will take to find the suspects? With the best USB spy camera installed in your apartment, balcony, backyard, office, and more you can easily gather evidence of illegal activities and catch the people involved in such activities. Also, if an individual is accused of a crime that is not committed by them, footage from a surveillance camera can help prove their innocence.

         4. They Improve Convenience for Daily Life

There are some countries around the world that install video surveillance cameras on stop lights. It has been useful in helping the cities prevent people from speeding through a red light. Also, it has helped some relevant authorities monitor the conditions of the road to make real-time traffic reports so that people can choose the right time to go out and the right road to take.               

         5. Video Surveillance Cameras Help To Maintain and Keep Records

In a situation where something happened while you are away and you are curious about knowing what happened, you can look up your security records. When a USB wall charger camera records a video and takes a picture, it saves them and maintains the record according to the time of event and date. With all the footages saved in the USB spy camera, you can have access to them and know what happened when you were not around or at a specific location.     

        6. Security Cameras Can Help You Make the Right Decisions

Settling of dispute can be easy with the use of a hidden camera phone charger. For example, if there is a dispute within the family, between your service staff and customers, or between you and your neighbor, the recorded and saved footage on the video surveillance cameras can help solve the puzzle if required. When you make your hidden security camera your ally, fabricated, incorrect, and inappropriate claims can be sorted out.

         7. They Help To Find Misplaced or Lost Items

Just imagine yourself misplacing a valuable item in the home or inside your office, and you are having a difficult time finding it. Anyone in that shoe can be frustrated and disappointed. But you can save yourself the stress of finding the lost item by checking the footage record if you have the best USB spy camera installed in the office or in around the area.

      8. Video Surveillance Cameras Allow You to Monitor Your Home Anytime and Anywhere

There are different types of security cameras available on the market from nanny cams and spy cams to hidden cameras. Most of these surveillance cams can be connected to your smartphones for you to get real-time reports of what is going on in your house, office, and business. The best USB spy camera displays crystal clear pictures and videos on your smartphone through a wireless network at any given time, and anywhere you are. For example, if your apartment is in New York and you have a USB wall charger spy camera installed in the room, you can see what is going on inside the room anytime you want when you are on vacation in Columbus, Ohio.

       9. They Can Be Used To Monitor Areas with Low-Traffic

There are probably some areas in our business, homes, companies, offices and other properties that we don’t frequent. These places can be your garage, backyard, dark corners, long hallways and more. All these areas are not well traveled, and it can be very difficult to see what is going on there every time. This means they can be a hideout for criminals which if you are not very careful might take a toll on you as time goes on. But having video surveillance cameras installed at these locations can help you have more eyes on your properties and save you from any trouble or problem that might want to occur in the future.

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           11. Surveillance Cameras Help You Monitor Your Staffs

Are you are an individual that employ people to work in your home? It can be a chef, nanny, housekeeper or more. You can hold them accountable for the services they are rendering to you because you are paying them. One of the best ways to do that is to install USB hidden cameras and have your workers watched. With this, you will be able to put anyone that is not doing his or her job as agreed upon in check. Additionally, for those using it to watch their staff or workers at their workplace, video surveillance cameras can help to improve productivity.

When your workers or staff know that you are watching them, they will tend to work harder, and this can improve productivity. Not only that, the installed USB surveillance camera can also be used in enhancing effective communication among the workers in different departments.

        12. They Are Useful In the Protection of Businesses from Internal Damage

Do you know that your employee can also be the bad guy in a hood or black mask? Of course, it can happen. If you install USB spy cam at strategic locations in your business building or office, you will be able to identify the person that is not reporting honest facts or stealing from you out of your employees. Additionally, it can help you keep your business protected by increasing compliance with local, state, and federal protocols and avoiding unnecessary fees.   

           13. Surveillance Cameras Can Be Useful In Employee Protection

This applies to employees working in a warehouse, Construction Company, or other workplaces with the risk of facing dangers. Installing surveillance camera can help the employers monitor what is happening in the company and what causes the occasional injury that happens. With this employers can increase the safety of their company and protect the employees by making changes that address what is causing the injury and other dangers. Also, you can protect your employees from misconduct, bullying, and sexual harassment because you will be able to monitor dangerous areas remotely.

Final Words about How Useful Video Surveillance Cameras Are        

According to statistics by the FBI on the use of security cameras in 2014, there were about 8,277,829 property crimes and 1,165,383 violent crimes reported. But do you know that in recent years the crime rate has been rising? Now imagine if the video surveillance cameras such as the best USB spy cameras are not invented and installed in houses, offices, public places, businesses, stores, and more. The case would have been worse. You can see that there are lots of ways Video surveillance cameras can be useful even though they have their drawbacks. Take security as a top priority and don’t leave yourself unprotected.              

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