2020’s Top Small Hidden Cams

2020’s Top Small Hidden Cams

Do you know what’s relaxing? - Having a device that helps you keep watch of your home while you are away during the day or night.

Many people use hidden cameras simply to spy on people at suspecting moments. There are many of these small hidden cams out there, such as the one that requires a magnetic mount to hold it place. Others make use of USB surveillance support (either as a wall charger camera/flash drive), and some use standalone technology. However, of all the different options available, having a USB spy camera that can be mounted and dismounted easily will be the best.

Here, in this article, I present to you some of the top small hidden cams you can use at your home or for office monitoring today.


HD Mask - USB Charger Camera

USB Charger Camera

As stated earlier, no spy/Hidden cam is better than having one you can easily mount or dismount from a wall outlet. An HD mask spy camera is one of such. It houses a host of attractive features that allows you to charge your cell phone at the same time take some spying moment with the help of a hidden camera embedded into a USB charging adapter. Therefore if in need of a small, portable and unsuspecting hidden camera phone charger then it high time you try the optimum, military graded HD Mask.

Get your clear and contrasting security footages with this cutting edge device. The USB security camera has 1080p camera. The 1080p camera is one of High Definition that gives you crystal clear security footages with more details. The USB spy camera has a 90-degree viewing angle that allows it to cover more viewing area. With a hidden camera phone charger like this, you get a good night vision with the ability to perform effectively under low light.

With this top-notch USB wall charger spy camera, you can save yourself the trouble of finding a suitable spot to install your Hidden cam. Installing this iPhone charger hidden camera is easy as all you require is a wall outlet. This camera also gives you a varying option of either treating it as an outdoor or Indoor USB camera as long as you have an AC outlet.  This being said, the HD mask is a mini USB camera, has it comes with a compact size dimension around 4.4 x 3.6 x 2.7 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds. It is not battery powered but functions with the help of an AC-power supply (so far there are no power outages).

Never lose a security moment with this USB surveillance camera has it comes with the capacity of accommodating up to 32 GB of space and records videos loop-wise. Loop recording implies that the USB spy camera can overwrite pre-recorded security footages once its storage is full. Loop Recording technology replaces old footages to ensure you record 24/7 all-round the year so that a full memory does not restrict you from recording current events.

This top of the art camera makes use of a motion detection feature that allows the camera to start recording once motion is detected, thereby saving you on storage space. This motion detection feature allows you to receive alerts on your mobile phone once movement around your hidden camera phone charger’s vicinity is detected.

Never get tangled with wires as this USB wall charger spy camera relies entirely on a WiFi connection (wireless). Connect your mobile device with the use of 2.4 GHz type Wi-Fi network, and you get to view your security footages/spy from anywhere in the world. As if that is not en enough, your device relies on mobile apps that can be installed from Google play store or Apple store on your mobile devices (such as your smartphones, tablets, and laptops). 

So, with the use of HD Mask (with military grade capabilities) embedded in a small USB adapter, you can monitor your pets at home. Also, it is the best USB spy camera that can help you monitor your home nanny, a suspicious co-worker and most importantly charge your device.

P2P IP Mini U-Disk Hidden Spy Nanny Camera

P2P IP Mini Hidden Spy Cam

This is a multi-functional USB security camera that carries out its normal function of transferring files (audio, video, and pictures), take still images and at the same time has a tiny hidden camera used to spy. You can utilize the camera function of the P2P IP Mini U-Disk Hidden spy Nanny camera by plugging it to any USB port such as the one by the side of my smart TV, my Laptop and even to a charging adapter to help power the hidden camera.

As one of the USB spy cameras available, it comes out of the box with an unsuspecting, and unique design in the form of a USB disk camouflaged body with looks that can be so deceiving. The USB surveillance camera comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixel camera resolution for all its worth. The camera resolution allows one to record clear cut videos, take still photos and perform monitoring tasks of events around the camera’s vicinity without anyone paying attention. After all, who will suspect a potential spy camera made of a USB flash drive. However, its video resolution when it comes recording is limited to an AVI format which might not be assessable on some mobile device. The USB security camera has a video frame rate around 25/30 fps. This modern USB surveillance camera is a portable mini device around 3.7 x 1.9 x 1.7 inches and weighs no more than 1.44 inches. It also comes with in-built lithium batteries even when power source goes off (but still requires a USB port connection). Optimize the power of this USB spy camera as you can use it as another PC camera to take selfies with a JPG format and use the spy nanny cam to connect over Skype when using on your PC. This USB hidden camera can take up to 32 GB of a TF card to help save recorded videos and still pictures.

NIYPS Mini Cube Shape Camera

NIYPS mini Cube shape Camera

If you are looking for an invisible, portable, yet has powerful spying features. Then have the NIYPS mini cube shape camera come to your rescue. This spy camera has a super-mini body with compact size dimensions of 0.9 x 0.7 x 0.9 and weight around 0.32 pounds making it perfect as a home security camera or nanny cam for recording videos without drawing any form of attention. The spy camera comes with a 1920 x 1080 p high definition camera that takes exceptional crystal clear videos at 30 frames per seconds. The camera has a 75o wide angle lens to capture more viewing area. This High definition camera also comes with enhanced night vision functionality.

It comes with superior motion detection that prompts the device to record security footages once motion is detected around its vicinity. The motion detection goes a long way to save on battery power and storage space. Get to store records of security videos since it supports up to 32 GB memory card. This top small hidden camera record videos through loop recording which allows the device to overwrite files once storage is full to ensure you don’t miss a single moment.

The snag with this hidden camera is that it comes with only 240-mAH Lithium battery that only allows for 50 minutes of Record time but no worries since it records security footages when motion is detected. It comes out of the box with a removable mirror to help hide lens and a magnet adhesive to help stick this standalone device at unsuspecting spots around your home or offices. It can be connected wirelessly to your PC’s with the Windows me/2000/XP/2003, Mac and Linux operating system. Also, the hidden camera can be used as a camcorder in your car.

Wimaker Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Wimaker hiden spy camera

Winmaker Mini Spy Hidden camera is another top small hidden cam you can use in your home and office in 2020. This form of hidden camera comes with a 1080p High definition camera with a 140 viewing angle to cover a wider area. It can be connected directly over a wireless Wi-Fi network which enables you to view your security footages anywhere you are in the world. The spy cam comes with an enhanced Night vision functionality due to the presence of Infra-Red on the device. You can record more of your security videos all thanks to the fact that it supports up to 128GB memory card. It can record audio for more perception.

For extra storage, the hidden camera supports cloud storage such as Google cloud to help store your videos online. You can stream videos through the wireless network to your mobile device using a mobile app called HD Minicam to watch videos. It can also be connected to your computer using a data cable. It comes out of the box with an inbuilt 500 mA battery capacity sustainable for taking 80 minutes of security Video.

Seahon Camera Smoke Detector

Seahon Camera Smoke Detector

Whenever you are in a house that has more smoke detectors than usual, then chances are they are hidden cameras in the guise of smoke detectors (without the smoke detection function). Such is the case of the Seahon Camera Smoke detector.

This typical hidden camera has a range of selectable video resolution (480p, 680p, 720p, and 1080p) to help shuffle just in case there is a network break or Wi-Fi is slow. It depends entirely on a wireless connection using the 2.4 G WI-Fi Network type. It has a motion detection sensor which helps sends alerts or notification to a connected mobile device in the event of any movement within the vicinity.

The motion detection feature helps to save on battery and memory space since it records only when movement is observed. It records videos (no audio) through a loop form of recording that overwrites old files once the storage memory is full. It comes with an in-built rechargeable battery around 2000 mAh capacity which could last up to 4 hours on a full charge. It also supports a 24/7 working power outlet. You can effectively save your recorded videos all thanks to the hidden camera’s ability to support up to 32 GB of memory storage. This device serves its real use in homes and offices and is not easily detectable.

So, Which Is The Best USB Spy Camera Of 2020?


With the rising cases of burglary and theft, there is the need to install hidden, unsuspecting cameras that won’t attract people’s attention. Above, the top small hidden cams that you can use in 2020 were reviewed, and you can’t go wrong by picking one out of the five. But do you know that out of the reviewed hidden surveillance cameras only one stands out and put an icing on the cake?

It is the HD Mask. This is the best USB spy camera of 2020. Do you know why? It fills all the loopholes left unfilled by other hidden security cameras. No dead batteries and no blurry videos and images. You can use it to multi-task; charge your phone and keep the home secured. Also, this USB charger hidden camera can record for 365 days. Isn’t that amazing? For the other ones I might not give you a 100 percent guarantee, but for a hidden camera phone charger like HD Mask, I can give a 100 percent guarantee when it comes to durability, performance, and functionality.          

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