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Top 5 Best Indoor Home Security Cameras Of 2019

Do you know that home security is one thing you need to take seriously? Why? According to the FBI uniform crime reporting statistics, in the United States, a burglary takes place every 18 seconds. This means about 200 burglaries occur per hour, and up to 4,800 happens every day. Even though the statistics can sometimes vary, they show that securing your home and properties is very important. The good news is there are home video cameras that can effectively help you protect your home, valuables, and properties. Read on as we show you the best home security systems to help you choose the perfect home video camera for the security of your home and family.      

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

 Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is one of the best home video cameras available on the market, and it is one of the latest additions to the indoor camera line of Nest. This best home security system comes with high-tech features that make it stand out. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor features a 1080p resolution and 4k sensor with intelligent and high-dynamic-range imaging that provides a sharp way to keep an eye on your home. This cam is a wireless security camera that is compatible with 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz Wi-Fi. The wireless compatibility allows you to easily connect with your smartphone and use the mobile app conveniently. Unlike some other best home security system, this home video camera comes with face recognition features that allow you to add familiar faces. When the cam see an unfamiliar or strange face, it will alert you in real-time  

The Nest Indoor can differentiate an animal or an object from a human. Additionally, this wireless camera offers a 130-degree field of resolution, 12x zoom, automatic zoom, and 20ft night-vision range. These home video camera features give you a super-sight and clear view of what is going on in your home during the day and at night. As one of the best buy cameras, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor comes with Google Assistant built in it. Do you know what this means? It means this home video camera will not only watch your home, but it will also help you with your shopping list, switch off your thermostat, switch on your light, and other smart things in your home.

Furthermore, the Nest Indoor has a speaker that is 7-times more powerful and suppresses echo and noise so that you can hear whatever sound that is coming out of the surveillance camera loud and clear. Also, this home video camera offers 24/7 continuous recording so you can see video and snapshot history to know what happened when you are not home. However, you need to subscribe to Nest Aware to enjoy this feature. If you have the cash and need an indoor home security camera with a host of high-tech feature, this might be the perfect home video camera for you.   

HD Mask      

    HD Mask Spy Camera

You might be surprised to see HD Mask making the list of the best indoor home security cameras. It is a versatile surveillance camera. This is one of the best home video cameras with powerful military-grade features that you can get in 2019. As the best USB spy camera, this product features a full HD camera with a 90-degree field of view and 1080P resolution for clear and sharp images and videos. If you need a hidden camera that is difficult to detect by strangers, this is the best home security system that you can opt for. The home video camera looks like a regular phone charger, and that is why this wireless camera is regarded as the best USB charger spy camera. All you need is to plug this surveillance camera into a wall unit and watch it do its job.

This home video camera provides 2.4-GHz steaming that gives you the opportunity to have 24/7 remote access anywhere are, and everywhere you go. With the Wi-Fi streaming of this best security camera, you are offered real-time streaming and HD video recording to your smartphone and cam storage. Unlike some home video camera that offers poor performance when there is low light, this USB surveillance camera enhances its performance in low light.

Even though this home video camera does not have face recognition like the Nest Indoor, it has the best and modern motion detection technology that enables you to record only when the cam detects motion automatically. When motion is detected, it sends a notification to your phone instantly and starts recording immediately. Unlike the Nest Indoor, you don’t need to subscribe before you can enjoy all year round 24/7 recording. Overall, if you need a home video camera that will not be obvious to visitors or strangers, this hidden camera phone charger can be the best wireless home security camera for you.    

Wyze Cam Pan     

Wyze Cam Pan

This surveillance camera may look simple at first glance, but you know what? The Wyze Cam Pan is a lifestyle cam and one of the best wireless security cameras you can go for. Not for one thing but for the shiploads of premium features it offers at its price tag. This home video camera offers tilting and panning that ensure 93-degree vertical view and 360-degree horizontal view. You can zoom this security camera system up to 8x and also adjust its rotation speed using the cam app on your mobile or tablet device.

Just like other home video cameras discussed above, this wireless security camera system comes with 1080p full HD that provides a clear and sharp resolution for playback, recording, and live streaming. The Wyze Cam Pan feature motion tracking that will respond and auto-track any activity within its field of view. Also, this best home security camera has sound and motion detection that will record a 12 seconds video and store it in the AWS cloud securely. You can create a custom detection zone on the surveillance camera to trigger alert video when motion is detected.

Additionally, this home video camera works with Alex, and it is integrated with IFTTT applets for automation. Furthermore, this wireless home security system works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks and features smart sound recognition to help alert to emergencies such as smoke alarm and CO alarm. To utilize the full function and have better control over this home video camera, you need to download the app on your smartphone. The app ensures you share the security camera feed with your loved ones. Take note that unlike the best USB spy camera reviewed above, you can’t access your home video camera through the computer because Wyze has no web portal.    

Arlo Pro 2  

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 is one of the home video cameras that can effectively help you keep an eye on your properties when you are away. This home surveillance system comes with 1080p HD resolution like many of the best buy cameras available on the market. The quality of the camera gives you excellent detail of what is going on in your home. One of the unique features of this best home security system is the opportunity it gives users to plug the cam into a power outlet or make it wire-free by making use of the rechargeable battery to power it. You will be able to unlock the advanced features of the home video camera.

Another feature included in this security camera is the IP65 waterproof rating that makes the cam weather-resistant. Additionally, the best home security camera offers a 130-degree viewing angle and has sound and motion detection that notifies you instantly when movement is detected. Included in the home video camera are night visions that automatically turn on in low light, 2-way audio that allows you to listen and talk from your smartphone through the surveillance camera, and smart security siren to keep you alerted.

Furthermore, this home video camera works with Stringify, SmartThings, IFTTT, and Alexa to make smart home security more effective and simple. Overall, this wireless camera security system remains one of the best buy cameras that is loaded with features that make it edge out from other home video cameras.       

YI 1080p Home Camera

YI 1080p Home Camera

YI 1080p Home Camera is another video camera that is worth buying this year. It is one of the best security cameras that ensure you connect with your home anywhere and anytime. This wireless home security camera comes with 1080p HD resolution, 4x zoom, and 112-degree wide angle lens to provide complete high-definition coverage and show every detail. Also, the home video camera features a lens distortion correction that captures video and images that looks like it appears in the real world to give you better viewing experience. One of the things that make this best home security system stand out from the other video cameras is the dual stream recording. This feature allows you to stream your video in high definition or standard definition. It means the streaming quality of the wireless security camera will adjust automatically to the connection speed.

Additionally, indoor home security cam comes with powerful night vision IR algorithms that provide detailed images and clarity in dim or dark environments. Included in the home video camera is motion detection that alerts you and starts recording when a movement is detected. The YI camera has a baby crying detection that detects your baby’s cry and ensures you know when something is wrong. If a connection is lost, this wireless home video camera will continue to record and save it to local storage. As one of the best buy cameras, this home video camera allows you to save recorded videos and images on YI cloud service and view live feeds from your computer. Speaker and microphone are integrated into the security cameras to ensure two-way audio that allows you to communicate with people through the cam.

Furthermore, the YI camera is one of the wireless security cameras you can connect with its app on your Android or iOS devices. Just like other best home security cameras, this cam connects through 2.4 GHz WI-Fi networks. Overall, this wireless camera for indoor is a great addition to your home security if you are not someone who doesn’t really care about Alexa, SmartThings, and more.

iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro

iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro

I know we said top 5, but let’s talk about this one as well. If you are looking for a standalone home video camera that can be incorporated into an iSmartAlarm DIY security system, the iCamera Keep Pro can be the best buy camera. The wireless camera comes with 1080p HD, 4-megapixel resolutions, 140-degree field of view, 8x digital zoom, and about 33ft of night vision that ensures you get crystal clear images and video clips. Also, this home video camera has an in-built microphone at the front and a speaker at the back to offer two-way audio. The wireless security camera comes with a wall mount and mounting hardware, in case you want to mount the cam on the wall.

This home security system features motion and sound detection that follows every movement in the room by using the panning and tilting mechanism that can move in 3500. The sound detection recognizes CO or smoke alarm and notifies you in real-time. Additionally, this home video camera can connect to a network on the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band like the Nest camera and other best security cameras. You can store the videos and images captured by this video camera in local storage or the cloud for free.

The wireless security camera uses the same app that the iSmartAlarm security system use and you can designate an activity zone for motion detection, capture a photo, mute the sound, and more using the cam’s mobile app. Included in this surveillance camera is Amazon Alexa integration that only helps to arm and disarm the iCamera Keep Pro. Luckily, you can create IFTT applets to interact with other smart home devices. Conclusively, this home video camera is one of the best security cameras you won’t regret having in your home because it packs a wealth of features.      

With the best indoor home security cameras mentioned above, we believe you won’t have a problem finding the best wireless security cameras to keep your home safe this year. But we know that some frequently asked questions can pop up about home video camera selection. Knowing that the answers to these questions can help you as a buyer looking for the best cams and also an individual with different choice or preference; we see the need to address those questions. Read on! The answers to your questions are below.

What Are The Top Home Security System Features To Consider Before Purchasing?   

  • Video and image quality – if you check most of the video cameras available on the market, you will see that the standard resolution for security cameras is 1080p generally. But here is the kick you can get the best quality and high-quality video with cams that feature a sensor with higher megapixel. It means the higher the megapixel, the clearer, and sharper the image appear. Also, a home security camera with a wide field of view can help cover a large area for a better image and video quality.
  • Smart Home integrations – this is a very important factor to consider for someone that takes smart home as a priority. If you want the best security camera systems that do more than video surveillance, go for security cameras that feature Amazon Alexa integration, Google Assistance, SmartThings or more. This will help turn your house into a smart home and give you the ability to control most of the smart devices in your home and also enable a huge home security advantage.
  • Movement – the best home video cameras should be able to record a larger area, especially for an individual with a large space or home. That is why is it advisable to consider zoom, tilt, and pan function as it will reduce the number of home surveillance systems you need to observe a space or an area in your home. With surveillance cameras like this, you won’t have to reposition the cam to get the best viewing angle physically.
  • Night Vision – You should be able to get the best night view through the best home video cameras. Go for the best security cameras with many infrared LEDs if you want to have the brightest night view. Also, consider the best home security systems that have an in-built infrared-technology cut-switch that enables and disables the IR technology automatically. The night vision range of the surveillance camera should be around 100 feet and above.
  • Motion and sound detection – Many of the home video cameras have motion detection, but not all of them have smart motion detection. The best security cameras should be able to detect an intruder’s movement and notify you in real-time. Also, if you have kids, smoke alarm, and CO alarm, you can consider the sound detection option. The video camera will help you know when your kid is crying and if there is any danger related to smoke and CO in your home.

How Do Home Video Cameras Connect?        

Home security systems have a different connection method. They can connect through IP or wireless connection. But many of the best home security systems communicate wirelessly with your home network. This means the home video camera uses the data on your home network and the amount the cam uses depends on the type of video it records whether clips or everything and the resolution of the image captured. Additionally, you can also have local control over your security system if Bluetooth is added.

Also, some surveillance systems allow you to interact with other devices such as Z-Wave or Zigbee. Furthermore, home video cameras can be connected to your mobile device through an app that allows you to have control over the cam anywhere you are and at any time. Some best home security systems have both the IP and Wireless connection that allows users to connect both wirelessly and through web portals. Apart from the smart integrations mentioned in the top features to consider when buying home surveillance cameras above, some home video cameras support IFTTT. This connection allows you to create applets so that you can connect the cam with other compatible devices.

What Are The Types Of Home Security Systems Available?   

There are different types of home video cameras, and it is important that you know there differences before you hit the market.

  • Wired security camera – This type of home video camera is a traditional surveillance system. The wired security systems are connected to a recorder directly through a wire. The recorder can either be a DVR or NVR, and it is connected to the internet and your router. It is through the cam recorder that you can store the footage and view it. Depending on the wired surveillance camera you go for, you may require a separate power cable, and you may not need it.
  • Wireless security cameras – this type of surveillance cameras do not come with wires. It means you don’t need wires to connect them to the internet, but you need a Wi-Fi connection. However, there is a common misconception that wireless security cameras mean wire-free. No! They come with a power cable that allows you to connect the cams to a power source. There are some that use a battery, and there are some wireless video cameras that need to be connected to a power source for them to work, for example, the best USB spy camera.
  • Indoor security cameras –indoor surveillance cameras can be wireless or wired security cameras. You can use them on their own or integrate the cams as part of the complete home security systems. Many of the indoor security cameras allow two-way communication, IR technology for night vision, live feed, and many other mouth-watering features. Just like the name “indoor security cameras,” this type of surveillance systems are meant to do their job inside your home and not outside to enjoy their full benefits.
  • Outdoor security systems – the outdoor surveillance cam can either be wireless outdoor security cameras or wired cam too. These types of home video cameras have the same features as the indoor security systems. The major difference between outdoor and indoor security cameras is durability. Best outdoor security camera systems are waterproof or at least resistant to weather. An outdoor wireless security system should have IP66 ratings and above. Additionally, there are some wireless outdoor security cameras that feature infrared heat technology that senses heat.

Take note that dome cameras and bullet cameras are other types of home video cameras. But they are often categorized under both the outdoor security camera systems and indoor security cameras because they are used indoors and outdoors. These types of cameras are best used outdoors and can either be connected to NVR or DVR recorder.

Is Face Detection And Cloud Storage Important? 

If you are keeping an eye on your home 24/7, you will require home video cameras with cloud storage. This will help your home security cameras store the recorded video easily and give you convenient remote access to the footage. Take note that not all best home security systems offer the same cloud services. There are some home video cameras that free cloud storage for a limited time, and then you will have to subscribe before you can have access to full-time storage. The amount of footage and length of time varies with the cloud storage service the home security camera models offer. Additionally, there are many surveillance cameras that come with Micro SD slot which allows you to insert memory cards of different capacity for more hours of storage. Take note, home security cameras have memory card capacity limits. For example, there are some that don’t support more than 32GB and there are some home video cameras that support more than that.  

 Most of the home video cameras available have motion detection that notifies you when movement is detected, and some have sound detection that detects alarm and other sounds. All these contribute to a more effective way to keep your home secure. Buying home security cameras with face detection might not be important but necessary because it can help increase the security level of your home. For example, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor with face detection will zoom on a person at its field of view and notify you if the face is not recognized. This means home video cameras with face recognition technology can be a great addition to your home.


With the review of the best indoor home security cameras and the answers to the possible questions about the best home security cameras, we believe you already have a clear understanding of home video cameras. This means you shouldn’t have a problem picking the best home security system to monitor and protect your home and loved ones. Take note that, you can customize your home security solution by matching and mixing different surveillance cameras.     

How Useful Are Video Surveillance Cameras

How Useful Are Video Surveillance Cameras

Let’s face the truth; no one would wish to experience burglary or crime in their home, office, business, and property. Which mean you might agree with me that security is so important in this modern and fast-paced world. To make the world safer, analog video surveillance cameras were used for security and monitoring of properties. But today, surveillance cameras continue to enjoy enviable growth, and digital video surveillance cameras have now become one of the wonders of modern technology.

Today, check many homes, public places, street, businesses, offices, and more, you will find out that the best security cameras are installed. But have you ever wondered how important and useful the video surveillance cameras are? Whether you are thinking of replacing your old security cameras or thinking of installing new ones, it is important to know how useful the video surveillance cameras are. Below are the different ways security cameras can be useful.

Top 12 Uses Of Video Surveillance Cameras

  1. They Prevent Crime from Occurring

How would you feel, do, or behave if you are somewhere and you are being watched? Of course, you will try to be more careful and mindful of your actions and if you know what you are about to do will get you into trouble, you will stop. Isn’t it? The same thing applies to an individual or intruder trying to break into your property. When mischief-makers see that the best USB spy camera and other installed video surveillance cameras are steering at them, they will be intimidated and be on their best behaviors knowing that their activity will be captured and they can be caught red-handed. Whether you install a hidden camera phone charger or obvious video surveillance cameras in your home or workplace, they can deter crime and prevent your properties from becoming easy targets.

  1. Video Surveillance Cameras Help To Reduce the Rate of Crime

Many people that commit crimes such as theft, rape, kidnapping, assault, and more have been caught by surveillance cameras installed in public places and USB security cameras installed in the home. There are many video surveillance statistics to show how useful video surveillance cameras have been in reducing the crime rate. Some of them are:

  • In Humboldt Park, Chicago, crime incidents have been reduced by 20 percent after the installation of security cameras. 
  • Between 2003 and 2006, the rate of crime reduced by 50% in East Orange, New Jersey due to the surveillance cameras installed. Robbery drop drastically to half their previous rate, rape also reduce to one-third of their previous rates, and murders saw a drop by about two-thirds of their previous rates.   
  • According to the New York City Police Department, security systems alleviate criminal activities by 35% in public housing projects. 
  • Additionally, in 2007, Philadelphia experienced a 37% decrease in crime after installing surveillance cameras.

Security Camera

       3. Security Cameras Help To Gather Evidence and Catch Criminals

USB wall charger camera and other surveillance cameras can be installed in strategic places to monitor the actions and record the words of people. The flawless sound with the crystal clear images can help you gather evidence for legal use. If a person commits a crime, there is a higher chance of catching the person. The images of the criminal can be taken and aired on network television and posters can also be created. Also, when a crime occurs and the eye witness has forgotten or finding it hard to remember some important details of what happened, the series of the event can be unfolded by using recorded videos and sounds from video surveillance cameras.

A good example is the bombing at the Boston Marathon. The department store has a surveillance security camera that captured images of the two bombing suspects. This helped the FBI to release the shots within three days. Imagine if there were no security cameras around to record the event, how long do you think it will take to find the suspects? With the best USB spy camera installed in your apartment, balcony, backyard, office, and more you can easily gather evidence of illegal activities and catch the people involved in such activities. Also, if an individual is accused of a crime that is not committed by them, footage from a surveillance camera can help prove their innocence.

         4. They Improve Convenience for Daily Life

There are some countries around the world that install video surveillance cameras on stop lights. It has been useful in helping the cities prevent people from speeding through a red light. Also, it has helped some relevant authorities monitor the conditions of the road to make real-time traffic reports so that people can choose the right time to go out and the right road to take.               

         5. Video Surveillance Cameras Help To Maintain and Keep Records

In a situation where something happened while you are away and you are curious about knowing what happened, you can look up your security records. When a USB wall charger camera records a video and takes a picture, it saves them and maintains the record according to the time of event and date. With all the footages saved in the USB spy camera, you can have access to them and know what happened when you were not around or at a specific location.     

        6. Security Cameras Can Help You Make the Right Decisions

Settling of dispute can be easy with the use of a hidden camera phone charger. For example, if there is a dispute within the family, between your service staff and customers, or between you and your neighbor, the recorded and saved footage on the video surveillance cameras can help solve the puzzle if required. When you make your hidden security camera your ally, fabricated, incorrect, and inappropriate claims can be sorted out.

         7. They Help To Find Misplaced or Lost Items

Just imagine yourself misplacing a valuable item in the home or inside your office, and you are having a difficult time finding it. Anyone in that shoe can be frustrated and disappointed. But you can save yourself the stress of finding the lost item by checking the footage record if you have the best USB spy camera installed in the office or in around the area.

      8. Video Surveillance Cameras Allow You to Monitor Your Home Anytime and Anywhere

There are different types of security cameras available on the market from nanny cams and spy cams to hidden cameras. Most of these surveillance cams can be connected to your smartphones for you to get real-time reports of what is going on in your house, office, and business. The best USB spy camera displays crystal clear pictures and videos on your smartphone through a wireless network at any given time, and anywhere you are. For example, if your apartment is in New York and you have a USB wall charger spy camera installed in the room, you can see what is going on inside the room anytime you want when you are on vacation in Columbus, Ohio.

       9. They Can Be Used To Monitor Areas with Low-Traffic

There are probably some areas in our business, homes, companies, offices and other properties that we don’t frequent. These places can be your garage, backyard, dark corners, long hallways and more. All these areas are not well traveled, and it can be very difficult to see what is going on there every time. This means they can be a hideout for criminals which if you are not very careful might take a toll on you as time goes on. But having video surveillance cameras installed at these locations can help you have more eyes on your properties and save you from any trouble or problem that might want to occur in the future.

Video Spy Camera

           11. Surveillance Cameras Help You Monitor Your Staffs

Are you are an individual that employ people to work in your home? It can be a chef, nanny, housekeeper or more. You can hold them accountable for the services they are rendering to you because you are paying them. One of the best ways to do that is to install USB hidden cameras and have your workers watched. With this, you will be able to put anyone that is not doing his or her job as agreed upon in check. Additionally, for those using it to watch their staff or workers at their workplace, video surveillance cameras can help to improve productivity.

When your workers or staff know that you are watching them, they will tend to work harder, and this can improve productivity. Not only that, the installed USB surveillance camera can also be used in enhancing effective communication among the workers in different departments.

        12. They Are Useful In the Protection of Businesses from Internal Damage

Do you know that your employee can also be the bad guy in a hood or black mask? Of course, it can happen. If you install USB spy cam at strategic locations in your business building or office, you will be able to identify the person that is not reporting honest facts or stealing from you out of your employees. Additionally, it can help you keep your business protected by increasing compliance with local, state, and federal protocols and avoiding unnecessary fees.   

           13. Surveillance Cameras Can Be Useful In Employee Protection

This applies to employees working in a warehouse, Construction Company, or other workplaces with the risk of facing dangers. Installing surveillance camera can help the employers monitor what is happening in the company and what causes the occasional injury that happens. With this employers can increase the safety of their company and protect the employees by making changes that address what is causing the injury and other dangers. Also, you can protect your employees from misconduct, bullying, and sexual harassment because you will be able to monitor dangerous areas remotely.

Final Words about How Useful Video Surveillance Cameras Are        

According to statistics by the FBI on the use of security cameras in 2014, there were about 8,277,829 property crimes and 1,165,383 violent crimes reported. But do you know that in recent years the crime rate has been rising? Now imagine if the video surveillance cameras such as the best USB spy cameras are not invented and installed in houses, offices, public places, businesses, stores, and more. The case would have been worse. You can see that there are lots of ways Video surveillance cameras can be useful even though they have their drawbacks. Take security as a top priority and don’t leave yourself unprotected.              

Connecting Security Cameras to Cell Phone

Connecting Security Cameras to Cell Phone
You and your family took a leave at school and from work then left for a vacation where you had good food, enjoyed the sun, and had fun. When you returned home from your glorious vacation, you realize something is wrong. You opened the door and then realize your house has been broken into and your money, jewelry, electronics, and other valuable items have been stolen. The cheerfulness from your vacation is blown away, and you are left wondering, “isn’t my home security cameras working?”