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HD Mask - USB Surveillance Camera

$125.00 $249.99 saving $124.99
HD Mask - USB Surveillance Camera

HD Mask - USB Surveillance Camera

$125.00 $249.99 saving $124.99

Are you sick and tired of cheap surveillance cameras that do not work? So are we. That is why we created the HD Mask USB Suerveillance Camera.  This is simply the best USB Camera on the market. We’ve invested in the best camera lens, the best WiFi chip, and the best materials.

You can even set up multiple cameras around the home or office to secure the perimeter and monitor everything from your phone. This gives you the monitoring power of expensive CCTV systems, without intrusive or obvious cameras.

Try HD Mask today and experience the difference for yourself.


  • Designed to be undetectable
The camera looks and functions exactly like a typical USB charger
  • Premium HD 1080P camera 
Ensures that you get the best quality video you have ever seen on a camera of this size
  • WiFi enabled 
Allows you see what is going on anytime from anywhere
  • Motion detection 
Ensures that the camera is only filming when there is something going on
  • Alerts and notifications 
Inform you when motion is detected so that you can immediately look at the live video stream or review the footage
  • Mobile app 
Compatible with all iPhones, iPads, Samsung, and Android phone and tablets
  • Start / stop recording video
Take pictures, set motion detection settings, set alerts all from your mobile device
  • No battery required
Never worry about running out of power
  • Doubles as a USB charging adapter 
Charge your phone and other devices as well