Introducing HD Mask Noir: The Second Gen HD Mask Spy Camera

Introducing HD Mask Noir: The Second Gen HD Mask Spy Camera

Have you ever heard about HD Mask, the best affordable spy camera that is hidden inside a phone charger?

Adapted to any lifestyle, HD Mask has been adopted by many of us: families, travelers and even executives. The tiny USB camera sparked so much interest all over the world that we developed the next generation: HD Mask Noir, which comes with some advanced and essential security features.

The spy camera shares all the properties of the preceding model, but with much-improved algorithms and specifications.

If you were thrilled about HD Mask features, the next generation will leave you speechless.

What’s New With HD Mask Noir?

Being the next generation of HD Mask USB charger spy camera, HD Mask Noir provides you with a lot of leveraging features. Some of the improvement that you will see in this HD Mask camera is as follows:


HD Mask

HD Mask Noir

Viewing Angle

75 Degrees

75 Degrees

Power Input

Direct Input

Direct Input


1080p HD

1080p HD

Night Vision

Wide Aperture

IR based+ Wide Aperture

Wireless Viewing

Real-Time Streaming

Real-Time HD Streaming

Memory Support

32 GB

64 GB







Motion Sensor Technology

Standard Sensor

Advance sensor with adjustable sensitivity




Transmitting compatibility

Mobile and Tablet

Phone or Computer

USB charger



 Being the next generation of HD Mask USB charger spy camera, HD Mask Noire provides you with a lot of leveraging features. Some of the improvement that you will see in this HD Mask camera is as follows:

13 Reasons Why HD Mask Noir Can Be the Perfect Security System 

1. Simple and Discreet Design

The size and shape of the HD Mask Noir are very identical to its preceding generation but this time more simple and discreet. It has the same durable mask-like structure with curved edges, slightly shiny body, and smooth finish. There are two holes on its side. One hole shows the indicator light and the other hole is used for resetting the hidden spy cam.

There is another hole that is a few millimetres above the USB port of the hidden camera wall charger. The hole has a camera that watches the environment where the hidden spy camera is installed. The tiny hole and its dark finish make it impossible for intruders to notice it.

The front part of the hidden camera phone charger features connector pins along with a slot to insert micro SD card. You can use this slot to add about 64GB of local memory to the spy camera.

2. Simple 3-Step installation

You don’t need any battery connection, wiring, adaptor, or fitting to make HD Mask Noir do its job. The installation process is fairly simple. Just unpack it, insert the SD card (optional), plug it into a power socket, and it's ready for surveillance.

Once in place, you can access it by downloading its app and connecting your smartphone with its hotspot. You will find the link and the QR code for downloading the application in the user manual provided with it.

3. Fully Functional Charger

The upgraded spy cam doesn’t only look like a charger, but it is also packed with functionality. It has a chipset for universal type adaptor with high speed charging support. You can use it to charge any smartphone or other similar devices by connecting the optimal USB cable to its USB output port. The USB port is designed and positioned in a way that the attached cable will not interfere with the viewing angle or performance of the camera.

This feature is included so that the USB surveillance camera can look like a charging adaptor and not look suspicious. With this cell phone charger spy camera, your secrecy will not be compromised.

4. Pay once Enjoy Forever

Buying HD Mask Noir is a one-time investment. You order the package, pay for it, and it’s all yours. There are no monthly renewal charges, subscriptions, or other charges.

Moreover, this one-time payment policy is not limited to the device but is also applicable to all the other aspects related to this cell phone charger spy camera. It means you won't get any ads on the mobile application after a few months of usage. Also, you won’t have to pay extra for accessing the USB spy camera full control. Additionally, the cloud storage and the software updates of the spy camera will be free forever.

5. Crystal Clear HD Footage

When it comes to surveillance, blur, or grainy videos are not an option. You need a clear and detailed picture. This is what HD Mask Noir can offer you.

Like its preceding model, this hidden camera phone charger also has a 75 degrees wide-angle lens with full HD 1080p format. However, this second-generation HD Mask Camera has an upgraded feature which enables it to enhance the video quality further. You can rely on it for presenting real-life images with precise detail of every light and dark area of the scene.

In case you need to reduce the file size, you can do it in the HD Mask mobile application. It gives you the option to record in 480p, 640p, 720p and 1080p. Also, you can compensate for the storage space by setting the camera to looping mode. In this mode, the camera can record 24/7 for 365 days. It achieves this by automatically replacing old footage with newer footage after the SD card runs out of space.

6. High-Quality Audio Recording Feature

The primary issue with most of the spy cameras is that they lack a microphone or have a very low-quality audio input. You can forget about these issues with the HD Mask Noir. It has an inbuilt microphone with high-quality input.

The USB hidden camera can record whispers in the room with the utmost clarity. You can use it manually by turning it on/off with the installed mobile app or set it to automatic mode.

7. Seamless Wireless Connectivity

 HD Mask Noir comes with an advanced Wi-Fi chip that works with the latest wireless protocol. It allows you to use two different types of connectivity for accessing the camera. These include the short-range and wide-range connectivity.

In short-range mode, the camera creates a hotspot that allows you to establish a connection between the spy cam and your smartphone. In the other mode, which is the wide-range mode, you have to configure the camera with your Wi-Fi router and set it to transmit data over the router. This connection works over a 2.4GHz frequency and allows you to access your camera from any part of the world.

However, for both modes, you will need a username and password. You will find the default username and password in the manual that comes with the surveillance cam and then change them by accessing the security setting menu in the mobile app.

8. Real-time Footage

 The advanced chipset of the HD Mask Noir allows it to convert the video files and send them via wide area, and short-area networks. You can use this feature to check what is happening at home or in the office in real-time. With this advanced feature, you won’t have to worry about frame drops, lagging, or any latency issue with the videos.

Furthermore, the real view interface has direct buttons which allow you to communicate with the cell phone charger spy camera. You can direct it to start/stop recording footage, capture still images, and turn the microphone on/off.

9. Easy Multi-Cam Access

You might need more than one camera if your house or office has more rooms and you want to be aware of what is going on in each room. Unlike some other spy cameras, you will not have to configure the HD Mask Noir cameras with different devices or buy a special gadget to manage them. You can use more than one HD Mask Noir camera with a single smartphone or tablet.

The app has options that will help you to view, customize, organize, and set each of the cameras without any hassle. In fact, the app allows you to monitor up to 4 cameras on the same screen.

10. Dual Storage Modes

The SD card is good for local storage and to access data locally, but it has limited storage capacity, and it is vulnerable. Therefore, HD Mask Noir offers you a cloud storage option, which is an easy alternative for the local storage.

You can configure the USB surveillance camera for cloud storage by connecting it to your cloud storage account via the app. Once connected, it will send all the recorded files directly to the cloud. You can access, delete, edit, or download these uploaded files through HD mask secure server on your smartphone or computer.

11. Auto-Recording capabilities (Military Grade Motion Sensor)

With HD Mask Noir, you don't have to spend hours on unnecessary footages. It offers you multiple smart switch features that allow you to regulate the camera recording time. With the features, the hidden spy camera can start recording when you want and stop when you want.

You can set the camera mode to manual, sensor, and timer mode. In the manual mode, you have to turn the recording on/off manually, with the help of the cam’s app. But in the timer mode, you have to set the time that you want the camera to turn on/off.

In the third mode, which is the sensor mode, the camera will depend on its inbuilt motion sensor to start recording. Since the sensor is military-grade, it is very sensitive and never misses any scene.

12. Advanced Night mode

The biggest misconception about spy cameras is that they are not suitable for low light imaging. It may be correct for the other spy cameras in the market, but not for HD Mask Noir.

The wide aperture of the hidden surveillance camera helps it to stand up to low light condition and capture crystal clear images even during the dark hours.

13. Added Support for Multiple Users

HD Mask Noir features highly advanced circuits that make it capable of connecting to more than one device at a time. Anyone with admin’s password and username can access the camera's footage and settings. The HD Mask app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can get the app download links on the user manual.


These are the primary features of the HD Mask Noir cell phone charger Spy camera. The camera offers you flexibility, technology, and exceptional functionality that you need to ensure the security of your home, office, kids, and valuable properties.

So, whether you want to keep an eye on your staff, protect your place from vandalism, monitor the housekeeping or sick pet, HD Mask Noir is always the best option. Buy it, and it will always be there to watch your back.

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