FAQs and Tips on HD Mask

How do I setup my Camera?

Please follow setup instructions in the user manual or watch the following setup video:



How do I reset my camera to default settings?

Reset the device by using the included pin and pressing it in the pinhole button for 10 seconds (to be safe, hold it for a little longer than 10 seconds).

Please make sure the device is plugged in before you press the pinhole button. If the device is not plugged in, pressing the pinhole button will not get it to reset.

Also, please make sure that you are pressing the pinhole button and not the hole with the indicator light. You should be able to tell which hole has the indicator light by plugging the device in and moving your fingers (or any other object) in front of the pinholes to see which hole has a light coming out of it. For added discretion, the indicator light can be switched off from within the app once you have connected the camera to your phone / to your WiFi network.


Can I set up more than one camera at a time?

  • Yes, you can set up more than one camera on the same account / app. In fact, you can live stream up to 4 cameras at the same time via the app to get full monitoring capabilities.


How do I download the iMiniCam App?

  • Go to the iOS App store or Google Play Store and search: iMiniCam
  • Alternatively, visit this site to download the App for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac (PC tools):


How do I view my camera from my Windows or Mac (Option 1)?

  • Download Bluestacks emulator app by clicking here or visiting: http://www.bluestacks.com/ and click on the “Download Bluestacks” button
  • Install Bluestacks on your computer and open it
  • Log in using your Google Account
  • Once everything is done, click on Search and type: iMiniCam
  • Install the iMiniCam App
  • Open the iMiniCam app and follow the same setup instructions outlined in the user manual
  • In the future, you will be able to find the iMiniCam app in the “My Apps” section of Bluestacks


How do I view my camera from my Windows or Mac (Option 2)?

  • Download the PC Tools file to determine your device IP address, use the following link:
  • Unzip the file and go into the PCTools folder
  • Depending on whether you are using a PC or Mac, choose the appropriate folder
  • At this stage, please make sure that you are connected to the same WiFi network as your device. The apps will automatically scan your WiFi network to find your device
  • In the Windows folder, run IPCamera.exe and your device should automatically pop up
    • Double click on the device and it will launch a new browser window. If you are not using Internet Explorer, choose the “Non-IE Web Browsers” option.
    • The default username is: admin
    • The default password is blank (leave it empty unless you set a password)
  • In the Mac folder, run IP Camera Search Tool (you may need to go into your Security & Privacy settings to launch the app if you have not enabled apps to be downloaded from unidentified developers)
    • Once you have launched the app, your device should automatically pop up.
    • Double click on the device and it will launch a new browser window. If you are not using Internet Explorer, choose the “Non-IE Web Browsers” option.
    • The default username is: admin
    • The default password is blank (leave it empty unless you set a password)


What do the icons on the top of the “Live video” page do?

  • Sun: Adjust brightness
  • Half circle: Adjust contrast
  • Lightbulb: Low light mode (press and wait 3 seconds for it to activate)
  • Indicator light: On/Off indicator light on device
  • 480p: Adjust camera resolution (480p, 640p, 720p, 1080p)

What do the icons on the bottom of the “Live video” page do?

  • Speaker: This feature does not work since the HDMask USB Camera does not have a microphone
  • Microphone: This feature does not work since the HDMask USB Camera does not have a speaker
  • Camera: Take a snapshot of current live video (it will show up in the “Snapshot” page)
  • Video Camera: Start recording live video to your device (it will show up on the “Record” page)
  • Vertical Triangle: View left hand or right hand side of camera
  • Horizontal Triangle: Rotate video upside down


What do the icons on the top of the “Record” page do?

  • Phone: Recordings saved to your phone or tablet
  • Memory Card: Recordings saved on your device’s SD card
  • Empty Arrow: Download in progress (SD card to phone / tablet)
  • Full Arrow: Finished downloads (SD card to phone / tablet)


How do I activate night vision?

  • The camera has low light capabilities but not have infrared night vision capabilities built in.
    In low light conditions, you can activate the low light capabilities from the Android / iOS application by clicking on the lightbulb button. Within 3-5 seconds, you should see a drastic improvement in visibility in low light conditions.


At what distance can the camera activate its motion detection feature?

  • You can adjust the sensitivity of motion detection (1-7 scale, 1 being highest sensitivity).
  • If you set it to the most sensitive setting and quickest detection time, any movement at all within the frame will immediately trigger motion detection (e.g., shadows, movement of a very far away object). At this setting, motion detection is triggered even for very far away objects. As long as there is any movement at all detected within the frame, motion detection gets activated.
  • Alternatively, you can also set the sensitivity to lower and response time to longer so that it only detects more obvious movement (e.g., a person walking around the room, past the camera) while ignoring subtle movements (e.g., far away bird flying past the window).


I need a copy of the user manual


What's the max capacity SD card it will accept?

  • The max capacity SD Card it will accept is 32GB. If you set up loop recording, once it reaches max capacity, it will start recording over the oldest footage on the device. You can also record to your phone / tablet / computer - in which case the capacity is based on your device's capacity.


Does this device do loop recording? How long do the recordings last if you use motion detection?

  • Yes, this device does loop recording - once space runs out on your storage, device, it will automatically replace the oldest footage with new footage so that you can continuously record perpetually (however, if you prefer to not loop record, you can turn this setting off - in that case, the device will stop recording once it runs out of storage). Depending on the size of your SD card and your selected recording resolution, total length of continuous footage will vary.
  • You can insert a SD card into the device if you want the camera to record to a SD card, otherwise, you can also record and take pictures directly to your phone / tablet via the app.
  • Upon detection of motion, you can set the camera to automatically record 1 to 20 minutes onto the SD card each time motion is detected. Alternatively, you can also set the device to record at a specific time (e.g., starting at 9am, ending at 5pm) or you can set it to always record.
  • Upon detection of motion, in addition to automatically recording to an SD card, you can also get the device to:
    • Send push notifications to your phone / tablet to alert you that motion has been detected (you can then view / record from your phone & tablet)
    • Send notifications and snapshots to you and up to 3 other recipients via email
    • Automatically upload snapshots of activity to a server via FTP
    • Automatically take pictures / snapshots of activity detected


Is the camera dual voltage compatible?

  • The can be plugged in virtually anywhere in the world. It is dual voltage and will work with outlets between 110-240V.


How do I connect to the camera remotely?

  • Yes, as long as your camera is set up properly and connected to a WiFi connection, you will be able to live stream video from anywhere in the world using the app your computer browser