Top Things To Look For When Buying A Security Camera

Top Things To Look For When Buying A Security Camera

Modern advances in innovation and technology have lead to the production of smaller and better home security gadgets and devices. When it comes to home security and indoor protection, we now have very discreet security cameras. Many of these cameras are extremely small and quite a few are integrated into items as camouflage.

In this article, we will show you how to recognize the best home security cameras and the factors to consider when buying them. One of the best  cams suitable for both home and office use is definitely our very own HD Mask, a high quality yet undetectable security camera built inside a USB charger that we will review at the end of this article. 


Features The Best Security Cams Need To Have

  1. Motion Detection: Most security cameras now come with a motion detection functionality which prompts the device to record security footages once movement is sensed within the camera’s proximity and viewing area. After all, you won’t want to record an empty room all day. Motion detection is a must have feature for a security camera to be regarded as one of the best in 2019. With a camera like this, you get to save on storage space and get alert notifications when your property is intruded. 
  1. Dual Functionality: Dual Functionality refers to the ability of a modern gadget to function as a security camera and also serve its original purpose at the same time. Many of those cameras come with a dual function that augments their usefulness. For example, a device like the HD Mask comes as a USB charger and it can be plugged to a power outlet. This design not only it makes it very hard to spot, but it also allows you to charge your phone or other devices at the same time, while security footages are being recorded. 
  1. Time Scheduled Recording: With most security cameras of this age, you get to set the exact time of the day you need the camera to record security footages, which provides an alternative setting to motion detection. Your ability to schedule is to set the exact time of the day when you want your camera to record, irrespective of whether the motion is detected or not. 
  1. Availability of Storage Space: Many security cams come with enough storage space to keep valuable videos and images recorded. While storage can sometimes be an issue, the latest technology advancements have brought us cameras that allow you to sync with cloud storage via wifi. 
  1. Wireless Connection: Security footages from your home or office can be viewed anywhere in the world today due to the help of wireless networks. Many security cameras now rely on WiFi Networks to connect all your smart devices together: TVs, speakers and even thermostats can all be controlled from your phone. For security cameras this means you can access them 24/7 to stream live and see what's happening in your house in real time.
  1. Incorporation with Mobile apps: the live streaming feature we just described above is possible because of the mobile apps that accompany many of these cams created for home security. These mobile apps are easy to download from the Google Play store or Apple store. Once installed on your mobile devices, you'll find it easy to receive security alerts and even forward an emergency call once security is breached.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Discreet Camera

Some security cameras are built not to be seen, so that a thief or anyone with bad intentions would be caught by surprise. We now dive into this particular type of security cameras to give you some tips about what to look at when buying one. 

  1. Budget: Most of the cameras created to not be detected are incredibly expensive. That is simply because they come with more functionality embedded in one small device. A lot of technological, innovative ideas have been placed into building such a device, often by top-notch engineers. Also, the more functionalities included, the higher the cost. Therefore, when it comes to buying discreet cameras, always try to weigh your budget size.
  1. Type of camouflage: different brands use different forms of disguise. Most of these cameras camouflage by integrating with many modern gadgets which serve their daily and useful purposes. There can be built inside a wall clock, an audio speaker, a wristwatch, a USB charger, etc.
  1. Power source: Many cameras often rely on batteries to work overtime. However, if you need your camera to work for a long period, you will need a reliable source of power. Cameras that are meant to be discreet usually need to be placed in unconventional places, which also means their batteries need to last long. In the case of HD Mask, you can just plug it to the wall as any other USB charger, so you don't need to worry about the battery dying. 
  1. Viewing resolution: This is pretty straightforward: the higher the resolution of your camera, the better the images and video you will get out of it. So go High Definition and 1080p if you want to make sure the quality is good. 

HD Mask - The Best Discreet Security Camera



We're obviously tooting our own horn here, but we are very confident when we say HD Mask is one of the best discreet security cameras available in the market for a very reasonable price. We've talked long and hard in the article above about what to look for in a security camera and especially in one meant not to be spotted, so you should be able to recognize that HD Mask has all of the most important features you need.

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