The Ultimate Spy's Guide to Finding Hidden Camera

The Ultimate Spy's Guide to Finding Hidden Camera

We are in a world where almost everyone is security conscious. Because of this, a lot of innovations have been made available by the rapid development of technology to ensure that people keep their properties, loved ones, and themselves safe. Today, surveillance cameras can be found almost everywhere because they are cheaper and made smaller for everybody to access them easily. You can now find spy cameras in restaurants, stores, on traffic signals, in offices, hospitals, on the street wall, in lots of public places, and more. In fact, as you are seated and reading this article, you are probably being watched by a security camera system.

Yes, Surveillance Cameras Has Been Found Very Effective But!

The legitimate use of spy cameras cannot be overemphasized. They can prevent your home from been burgled, your properties or items from been stolen, prevent theft in businesses, and provide security in public spaces. Also, hidden cameras can be used to check on your kids and workers in the office and at home when you are not around. However, in the past couple of years, the use of spy cameras and hidden cameras in unlawful and unethical ways has increased. Security cameras have been detected in Airbnb houses, hotels, hospitals, restaurant and store restrooms, and more. To keep you updated about the unlawful and unethical ways of using wireless security cameras by people around the world, let’s take a quick look at some recent news about hidden cameras. 

Some of the Latest News about the Nefarious Ways of Using Spy Cameras

  • On the 5th of April 2019, Sky News published news about a mother-of-five and her family who discovered that their Airbnb host in Ireland was recording the whole family with a hidden camera. Not only that, but the New Zealand family also found out that their host was live streaming the feed from the spy camera.
  • On the 20th of March 2019, the South Korea Police said that spy cameras have secretly recorded up to 1,600 people in hotel, motel, and inn rooms.
  • On the 3rd of April 2019, there was news about security camera systems been secretly used in the labor and delivery rooms of a hospital. A report by CNN said that about 1,800 women were secretly recorded by spy cameras in a hospital’s labor and delivery rooms in California
  • According to a news on WPTV, in Fairfax, Northern Virginal, more than 60 girls and women were secretly recorded undressing in a shopping mall changing rooms a few weeks before Christmas.

These breaking news about the nefarious use of hidden cameras are just the tip of an iceberg. There is much news about the wrongful use of spy cameras, and you know what? These trends don’t seem to reduce anytime soon. The reason is that a spy camera can take different forms or disguises, and this makes it easy for people to use it in nefarious ways.  

How Can A Security Camera System watch you?

You can be watched in different ways. We have mentioned earlier that spy cameras come in disguises. This can include pens, power banks, charging plugs, car keys, fitness trackers, alarm clocks, and clothes hook. Also, USB drives and the best USB spy camera made in phone charger are also available. Additionally, there was a tweet shared by a Malaysian citizen where he showed a spy camera disguised in a screw. With all these options, the ways spy cameras can watch you seem unlimited. It means you shouldn’t leave anything or anywhere to chance. Take note that the most compromising and vulnerable areas in the room can be the highest possible place where the wireless security camera system is located.  

With the rampant nefarious ways people use spy cameras, you need to be vigilant and ensure that you don’t fall victim. Whether you are going to lodge in a hotel on your next trip or you will be an Airbnb guest or visit your friend anytime soon, some simple steps can help you detect hidden cameras in case you feel you are being recorded.

Helpful Tips to Find Hidden Cameras 


  1. Find The Spy Camera By Scanning The Environment Carefully

If you are staying in a hotel, visiting a friend or an Airbnb for the first time, enter the room having the mind that there is a surveillance camera recording you. Although there is a higher chance that you are not being monitored by a wireless security camera system, but you still want to be 100 percent sure that there are no surveillance cameras watching you. To find a spy camera, you can start by making basic observations. There are some common places you need to look at before you start an inch-by-inch search for the video surveillance system.

We have mentioned some places above, and others can include desk plants, shelves, table tops, couch cushions, alarm or wall clocks, DVD cases, tissue boxes, wall decor, books, smoke detectors, teddy bears, air filter equipment, and electrical outlets. Take note that these are just the most common places to find spy cameras indoors. Additionally, the most common places where you can find the outdoor security cameras include holes on the door, house plants, the outdoor doorbell, and the house roof. Also, you can pay attention to anything that appears suspicious or looks out of place. This can include:

  • Any object that is out of ordinary. Check if anything has been removed or if an object is new to the room, especially if you are familiar to the place.
  • Check for items that are duplicated in the room. For example, if there are two clocks, coffee pots or more.
  • Look for items that are positioned in an unusual way
  • Check if there are unusual holes in the ceiling, wall, books, and other objects.   

After you have made the basic observations to find the wireless security camera system, you can divide the room into four parts or sections. Then choose a starting point and search each section meticulously, systematically, and carefully. Ensure that you touch both the common places mentioned above and the ones not mentioned. Also, make sure you don’t skip over any of the fine details in each section.

USB charger Camera

  1. Pay Attention To Sounds As You Work Through The Room

Even though this might be a low tech method of finding spy cameras, it works. Many of the home security camera systems available such as Nest camera, HD Mask, Yi Cams, and more are motion-activated cameras. It means they are motion-sensitive cameras that detect movement and turn on to record what is happening. When the spy cameras turn on, they make some sounds which can be a buzz or soft click. Even though you might not hear the sound of the hidden surveillance camera if there is noise in the surrounding, you can turn off all sound sources in the room maybe you will be able to hear the sound when the security camera is in operation. Take note that this method might not be able to catch all spy cameras, but there is a higher chance that it will work for most motion-sensitive cameras.

  1. Turn Off The Room’s Light To Spot Hidden Security Cameras

Many of the spy cameras have LEDs that display red or green. When there is a low-light condition, the LEDs will shine or blink. To find the hidden security camera, ensure the room is dark. You can try this tip during the day, but you can get a better chance of detecting a spy camera by using this method at night. To utilize this method of finding surveillance cameras in the room, draw the curtains of the room, and turn off all light sources to achieve a low-light or dark condition. Then carefully, scan the room by looking at every angle and area to see if you can find any blinking of light. If you see any red or green light blinking, that may be the spy camera you are looking for.

  1. Scan The Room With A Light Source

Every hidden security cameras feature a lens that reflects whether you switch the camera off or on. This means using a light source like torchlight or flashlight will make the lens reflect in dark conditions. Repeat the steps in tip 3. The only difference is that you won’t be looking for blinking lights. Instead, you will turn your flashlight or touch light on. Then carefully, slowly, and closely examine all areas of the room at different angles. If you notice any shine, reflection, or glints of light in areas where there are no mirrors that might have found the spy camera.

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  1. Carefully Check The Mirrors In The Room And Bathroom

Mirrors are one of the most tricky places where people place hidden spy cameras in the bathroom, room, and other places where mirror are used in the home. When a surveillance security camera is installed behind a mirror, especially the two-way mirrors that see-through, it can be difficult for you to see it. Relax as there are ways to detect the home security cameras hidden in mirrors. Place your fingernail on the room or bathroom mirror, and carefully look at the gap between the mirror and your finger. There is no hidden security camera if you notice a gap between the image and your finger. But there is a high chance that a spy camera is installed in the mirror if the image and your finger touch tip-by-tip.       

  1. Use Camera-Detecting App On Your Smartphone to Find Security Camera Systems

Whether you use an iPhone or Android mobile phone, some applications are built to detect spy cameras in the room or where ever you are. A good example of these applications is Glint Finder, and Spy Hidden Camera Detector. Download them from the Apple store or Play store, install the app, and launch it on your smart phone. The Glint Finder flashes light rapidly to help pick up reflection easily. But as for the Hidden Camera Detector, it pinpoints suspected surveillance cameras automatically. When your smart phone approaches where the hidden spy camera is installed, the application will display a red glow. Take note that the red glow can appear if you are near other objects with radio frequency.

Additionally, there is another way you can find a surveillance camera secretly spying on you in a room by using your mobile phone. How do you get this done? It’s simple and easy. Make a phone call with someone you know, maybe your family or friend. Walk around the room gently and carefully. If any radio frequency interferes your phone call signal, stop and check that specific area, place, or position. There may be a hidden spy camera there. Using your phone to find wireless security cameras is a good stop-gap and one of the most effective methods.

  1. Get A Professional Detector And Use It To Find The Spy Camera

Bug detectors such as a professional hidden spy camera detector are a more effective and easier way of finding a wireless security camera system. Whether it is a Nest cam, a wireless USB hidden camera charger, or other types of the wireless camera system, the detector will find them out in two ways. The first method is the use of flashlights, just like the ones we discussed in tip 4 and 6. Professional hidden camera detectors, also use multiple flashing LED lights to make the lens of surveillance cameras reflect or glint so you can find the spy cam. The second method of finding security camera systems using professional video camera detector is different. You can use the device to find radio frequency that is usually produced by wireless hidden spy cameras.

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What to Do Next If You Locate a Hidden Camera Spying On You

If you use any of the tips above and you can find the spy camera secretly recording you, there are some procedures you need to take.

  • Move away from where the camera can see you immediately
  • Take a picture of the cams ensuring you don’t touch it at all because fingerprints would be collected by the police to investigate and locate the perpetrator
  • Then contact the authorities such as the police. They will find who put the spy camera there and bring the person to justice to keep them from spying on you or other people.

Finally, we believe you shouldn't have a problem finding the hidden spy camera recording you secretly when you go for your next trip, in your home, in the office, or other places you go to. The tips provided above will serve as an ultimate spy's guide to finding hidden camera easily and more effectively. 

Feel free to ask any question about the topic discussed in the article above and don’t hesitate to comment or share your experience to help others. 

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