How to Vandal-Proof Your Security Cameras?

How to Vandal-Proof Your Security Cameras?

Ever been in a situation whereby your home was raided by thieves or burglars, and the security cameras that were supposed to keep them away got damaged by them too?

That will certainly not be a funny experience!

This is where vandal-proof cameras come in. These security cameras are fixed with metal covers, which keeps the lens from getting damaged in a scenario where this burglar or pilfering. You should put them into consideration when you’re beefing up your home security with cameras. They can also be used in warehouses, banks, airports, hotels, parking lots, banks, and retail outlets.

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    How to Vandal-Proof Your Security Cameras?

    These are various methods you can use to protect your security cameras, take a look

    Place the Cameras High

    Security experts recommend that your camera be mounted as high as possible. You should also fix a camera cover as this will make it a bit more difficult for the thief to gain access to the camera.

    Most thieves would not want to burn themselves out by trying to disable that is raised very high above them. We all know that the more difficult it is to access the camera, the lower the chances of having your cameras ripped apart or vandalized. They won't bother coming to attack your house. The truth is that there isn't a burglar who wants to be caught on a 12-foot ladder trying to disable a security camera. They would rather look for a house that does not have security cameras.

    Keep the Cameras Hidden

    A very good way of keeping your security cameras safe is by keeping them hidden.

    You can achieve this by getting a wireless USB camera like HD Mask Noir. They are crafted to stay hidden, inconspicuous, and at the same time, give you a high definition video recording of the happenings in your environment. They are equipped when lenses that provide a good viewing angle. When the burglar is determined to disable a visible camera, keeping a wireless USB camera as back up would not be a bad idea. You can get to produce evidence for law enforcement even though the visible camera got damaged.

    Get A Protective Housing For Your Camera

    This is another effective way to prevent your security cameras from getting harmed or vandalized by burglars or thieves. It is advised that you purchase high-quality covers for your security cameras, or you can use some handy tools at home to craft one. You could convert your outdoor lantern to a protective housing for your security cameras.

    You can also use your birdhouse as a good protective security camera cover. This factor must not be missed if you want your cameras to last long.

    Use Wireless Cameras

    The easiest way a burglar can keep your security cameras from being functional is by cutting the connecting wires. But you can get ahead of them by making use of wireless security cameras. The use of wired cameras is sort of outdated, so it is advised that you upgrade to the wireless grade of security cameras. A good example of this is the wireless USB camera, HD Mask. They are built to be small, so you can place them anywhere. The installation of these cameras is easier, and they are budget-friendly.

    Use Passwords and Encrypted Patterns to Prevent Breaches

    Recent cameras are equipped to internet access, which enables you to access them remotely and watch live feeds even while you are away from home.

    This advantage also has a flip side to it. It renders your security cameras vulnerable, making them prone to hacking and unauthorized third party access.

    Buying a camera that features security measures such as Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) can go a long way to secure your video and data. Also, ensure that you create a strong password for the cameras; this makes it difficult for someone to guess and prevents hacking. Keep your software updated, and data encryption protocols should be activated.

    How Does Vandal-Proof Cameras Keep You Safe?

    In recent times, thieves have invented many techniques to avoid getting caught on the camera while they are operating; most times, they try to destroy the cameras. These vandal-proof cameras keep you a step ahead of them.

    The metal shelters in which the cameras are held prevent the important mechanical components of the cameras from getting damaged. Vandal-proof security cameras come with various components like metal housing and screw, which makes it difficult for the burglars to have access to them. The absence of these security cameras makes the thieves have their way with your cameras. It means they can rip it apart or dismantle it with a hard object like a baseball bat. This enclosure keeps the lens safe from damage and abuse.

    Vandal-proof security cameras are built to withstand unfavorable weather and climate conditions.

    Importance of Vandal-Proof Security Cameras

    While upgrading the security of your home, it is important and recommended that you put the installation of vandal-proof security cameras into consideration.

    With that, you get to feel safer, bearing in mind that your security cameras can withstand any impact thrown at it. They are built to be reliable, tough, and can handle vandalism. The cameras get to function as a monitor which they are built for, coupled with toughness as an added advantage. You can operate them remotely as well. If your house gets attacked and your security cameras get ripped apart as well, you cannot provide and evidence for the law enforcement agencies.

    The next time you seek to install security cameras, it is advised that you fix vandal-proof security cameras because of the tremendous benefits they have to offer. They are equipped with modern technologies to ensure that your home is kept safe always.

    Final Note

    Your security cameras protect you; as such, it means they need to be protected from getting destroyed or vandalized as well. Having gone through this article, we are sure you have picked some effective tips on how to prevent your security cameras from vandalism.

    We also recommend that you get discreet security cameras like HD Mask as they are inconspicuous and still provide a clear recording of what happens in and around your home.







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