How to Hide a Security Camera Indoors?

How to Hide a Security Camera Indoors?

If you have a security camera inside your house, we know you have a solid reason for owning one. But is it any good if it's not hidden?

Although some cameras like the HD Mask Noir Mini USB Security Camera offers a lot of discretion, many other cameras are as plain as the nose on your face.

But don’t worry, because we have a detailed guide here with tons of ways to disguise any security camera. Read on to find the best way to hide your camera.

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Why Hiding Your Security Camera? 

But why on earth should you hide your security camera in the first place? Shouldn't the burglars know that you are watching them by leaving the camera in plain sight? Wrong. Contrary to popular belief, security cameras work best if hidden.

Here’s why: 

  • Can be Disabled:

Almost everyone has one or the other type of security system installed in their house these days. But if homes are getting smart, so are thieves. They know they’re busted if caught on the footage, which is why the first thing they’d do is disconnect security cameras in your house.

Therefore, your security camera should be hidden. This way, your house will look like a naïve, unknowing place to thieves. However, in reality, you’ll be fully aware of who’s up to what behind your back. Additionally, you will be saving your security cameras from damage.          

  • Suspicious Behavior:

How does the new caretaker treat your kids behind your back? The security camera will, of course, show you that. But will you know the truth if the caretaker knows you are watching him or her?

The truth is, if people know a camera is watching them, they will act differently. Hence, hiding your security camera will show you how your caretaker or cleaner behaves like behind your back.

  • Guests:

This is another reason why you should hide your security camera. Being monitored is never a good feeling and makes people self-conscious. Hence, you can make your home feel welcoming for your guests AND have security cameras by hiding them. It’s a win-win situation for you.

  • Aesthetics:

Let’s be honest. As much as we need security cameras, they ruin the delicate décor and color theme of your house that you worked so hard on. Thus, hiding or camouflaging your security camera will prevent it from becoming an eyesore for you.

Ways to Hide Your Indoor Security Camera?

Now, let’s move on to the real deal. How can you hide your spy cameras that are not so good at being undercover? Here are some ways you can do this:

Potted Plant:

Have you decorated your house with potted plants here and there? Good news! Hiding a security camera just became a lot easier for all you plant lovers out there. Since some security cameras are bulky and difficult to hide, hence, your green friends will provide the best cover for them.

Here's how:

  • Take your security camera and place it on the soil in your pot.
  • Adjust the lower leaves in a way that hides the camera.
  • Leave some space for the camera lens to peek out between the leaves. Make sure to cover at least eighty percent of the rest of the body.
  • If you own a wired security camera, then place the pot in front of a power outlet so that the wire is hidden (a cable growing out of plants? Not very covert.) And if you have a wireless security camera, place the pot wherever you need to keep an eye on.

The good thing about this method is that it is very effortless. Furthermore, you can place a potted plant in just about any room of the house. Just make sure your plant has leaves big enough to cover a security camera.

Mini USB Security Camera:

What’s better than a security camera? A security camera that doesn’t look like a security camera. For instance, the HD Mask Noir security camera plays dumb by acting like a charger. However, in reality, it is a fully-fledged mini USB security camera, capturing all you need to see, very, very covertly.

What's more, you don’t even need to get creative or do anything of that sort. Just plug the charger in your power outlet, and it's going to start doing its job. Furthermore, you can go ahead and put your phone on charge using the USB port. Who’s going to suspect the innocent charger minding its business in the corner of the room?

With that being said, devices that don’t look like a camera prove to be excellent spy cameras. You can have them in plain sight, and no one will ever notice them, let alone tamper with them. Hence, it is a smart investment.

Stuffed Toy:

Yet another smart and sneaky way to spy on your nanny/baby is to hide the camera inside a stuffed toy in your child's room. Although this may sound a bit spooky, it works.

  • First, find a stuffed toy that is old and not very eye-catching, an old teddy bear, for instance.
  • Next, cut open the poor old thing from the back with a pair of scissors.
  • Take out enough stuffing from the toy to fit in the camera. Also, remove one of its eyes.
  • Place the camera inside the toy in a way that the lens looks out from the eye hole.
  • Sew back the torn up area. However, remember to leave a hole for the USB port to stick out, so you can charge the camera later on.
  • Lastly, keep the toy at a place where your baby won’t accidentally knock it over, for example, on a shelf.

This might seem like your nightmare from scary toy movies has come true. Moreover, it may take a lot of effort to pull this off. However, this method does hide your camera and is a foolproof way to spy on your caretaker and baby.


If you have a bookshelf in your living room, you’re in luck. A great place to hide your camera is on the bookshelf because, honestly, the burglars won’t be there to check out your collection of books. They’ll probably want to look for more valuable things (not that your books aren’t precious.)

Here's how you can try this method:

  • Place your camera on the topmost shelf of your bookshelf.
  • If your camera is small, try adjusting it in between or on top of the books.
  • You can even place it in front of the row of books, granted that your camera isn’t all white or some other bright color.

But wouldn’t this be too obvious? Well, not if you own a mini camera or any wireless camera. Not only will you get a good view from the top of your living room, but the camera will stay hidden as well.

Who’s going to look at the dark top-shelf where all the uninteresting books are kept?

Place it Somewhere High:

Don't want to spend so much time trying to hide one security camera?

Well, we have a solution for you folks as well. The rule of thumb of hiding security cameras is to keep them out of your line of sight. This means that you need to place your camera higher up in your house, where people barely look.

Here are some ideas:

  • Try placing the camera on a chandelier using a strong adhesive to stick the camera there.
  • Set the camera on top of a closet along with some other things.
  • Stick your camera alongside the lights on your ceiling or wall (but test it first to make sure the glare from the lights does not affect the video quality.)
  • Empty the insides of an old smoke detector and place the camera in there. Also, make sure the lens is placed on one of the openings of the vents. Lastly, screw the old smoke detector back on the ceiling. Pretty sneaky, isn’t it?

These are only a few ideas as the possibilities are endless. Try different ways to see what fits your camera type best.

Tissue Box:

Turn on stealth mode with this creative little trick to hide your security camera:

  • Get a dark-colored and tall sort of tissue box.
  • Drill or punch small hole(s) in the tissue box where the lens of the camera(s) should be.
  • Place the camera inside the tissue box in the correct position.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to add a couple or more tissues in the box in case someone reaches out for one.

What makes this trick cool is that it works well with every room, be it a bedroom, a living room, or even a bathroom. You can put a tissue box in there and raise no suspicions.

Camouflage with Surrounding Objects:

Since ages, animals, and humans have used camouflaging. Likewise, you can disguise your camera in the same manner, and no one will notice it.

  • To begin with, look for areas in your room that have a lot of similar objects placed together in one place. This could be the decorative pieces in your living room or the dressing table that has a ton of cosmetics on it.
  • Next, place your camera in between these objects. Try blending it in with similar colored and sized objects. If your camera is black, try fitting it in between cosmetics that have black packaging, for example. If it is white, place it in between white decorative pieces in your living room. This way, the camera won’t draw attention to itself.
  • If you have a wired security camera, make sure the wire is well hidden behind furniture or other objects.

So unless the burglars have enough time to appreciate the décor of your house, you’re good to go with this method.

Extra Tips for Hiding and Placing Security Cameras

There are certain things to consider before you go about disguising your camera.

  • Location:

First off, you need to decide which room of the house you need to keep an eye on. Hiding a security camera in the baby’s room is easier because there are many hiding places here. But if it’s your living room, you obviously can’t place a cute plushie in the middle of the stylish decor.

Hence, try investing in a smaller, less obvious security camera that can be hidden between books, decorative pieces, or plants.

  • Power Outlet:

if you own a wired camera, the power outlet limits where you can hide your security camera. Having it high on the wall means you need to hide the wire with things like lamps, or tall plant leaves. Therefore, it might be a giveaway.

But if you have it lower on the wall, then covering it is a lot easier. You can hide the wire by mixing it up with other cables like a lamp or TV cable. Furthermore, you can hide the wire behind or beneath a sofa or a table.

  • Need:

What do you need the camera for? If you have security cameras to catch a burglar mid-act, then hiding them between objects will work just fine. Thieves won’t have the time to search for cameras at unlikely places.

But if you’re putting them up to spy on nannies or cleaners, then you might want to make the cameras more discreet. Camouflaging them with plants or hiding them inside a tissue box are better options for this purpose.

  • Connectivity:

This is another determinant for placing wireless cameras. Does the area where you’re planting your camera receive strong Wi-Fi signals?

  • Type of Camera:

if you own large, bulky security cameras, some of these options might not be suitable for you. However, if you own a small wireless camera, pretty much all of these methods will work. Try experimenting a bit and see what works best for your room and type of camera.


There are a lot of simple and creative ways to hide your security cameras indoors.

However, the easiest and most foolproof way is getting yourself a camera similar to the HD Mask Noir Mini USB Security Camera. Such cameras effortlessly get the job done while being superbly covert.

While any of the options mentioned above would work just fine, you will have to be careful with placement and connectivity issues. On the other hand, you might want to invest in a covert, disguised camera like a USB charger for the ultimate stealth mode.

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