Connecting Security Cameras to Cell Phone

Connecting Security Cameras to Cell Phone

You and your family took a leave at school and from work then left for a vacation where you had good food, enjoyed the sun, and had fun. When you returned home from your glorious vacation, you realize something is wrong. You opened the door and then realize your house has been broken into and your money, jewelry, electronics, and other valuable items have been stolen. The cheerfulness from your vacation is blown away, and you are left wondering, “isn’t my home security cameras working?”   

Let me start by asking you some questions, can your hidden security cameras connect to your cell phone? If yes, is your USB spy camera connected to your cell phone? One thing is to have the best USB spy camera, and another thing is to ensure they are connected to your device so you can know what is going on in your house while you are away. In this article, I will show you the benefits of connecting security cameras to cell phone, how to get it done, plus other helpful information. Let’s dive in!

Connecting Cell Phone to Security Cameras: Features to Consider

The features of your spy cam are what determine what you can do with your home security cameras connected to your cell phone. While you are away, you need to see the face of the person intruding your properties clearly. Also, you might want to talk to your family and loved ones at home and listen to what is going on directly through your cell phone. What features can make you realize these when your security camera is connected to your phone?

  • HD images – Do you know that about seven megapixels out of the 576 megapixels resolution of human eyes really matter? So, how could a hidden camera without high definition keep an eye on your house, pet, valuables and other properties? When watching live views from your phone, the image quality of the security cameras connected to your Android, iOS, or Window device is an important factor that affects your experience. If the USB charger hidden camera linked to your cell phone has high resolution, it will ensure a better user experience in remote viewing. HD Mask is one of the home security cameras that can provide a much sharper and clearer objects view. You may learn more at the best USB spy camera store
  • Network Friendly – Network problem can be one of the concerns of a USB surveillance camera that is linked to your phone. The performance of the hidden cam connected to your Android or iOS device may be influenced by the amount of bandwidth consumed when it comes to viewing live feeds. However, there are some spy cams that can eliminate the influence of the network on how the USB security camera will perform linked to your smartphone. These hidden cams allow you to switch between modes, according to the condition of your network. 
  • Phone app with easy navigation – most of the recently manufactured home security cameras on the market are smart surveillance camera and have phone applications you can install on your android phone and iPhone. But do you know that it is not all of them that come with phone apps that are easy to navigate? Connecting security cameras to cellphone requires an application and not just an application but one with easy navigation. This can save you a lot of trouble, unlike the spy camera apps that will make you get puzzled by the complex configurations. If the app of your connected hidden camera phone charger can be easily handled, you won’t have to worry about your properties when you are away. 
  • Superior Night vision – A night vision enabled security camera for a home can help you see what is going on in your kid’s room and also what is going on outside your house when the night is dark. Connecting a security camera that has excellent night vision to your phone will help you monitor places in your home and around your house clearly in the dark. The viewing angle and distance of night vision is most of the time determined by the number of LED lights present on your spy cam. 
  • Two-way audio – With a two-way audio security camera connected to your cell phone the risk of your stolen property getting lost forever will be drastically reduced. You can stop and warn the intruder or talk and listen to your loved ones through the microphone built in the USB spy camera connected to your phone.

How to Make Connecting Security Cameras to Cell Phone Work       

Before you can successfully connect your surveillance camera with your iPhone or Android phone and make it work you need a wireless connection and a surveillance app. Check the market and you will see that most of the spy cams available can be linked to a smart or cell phone. The range of the wireless connectivity for Wi-Fi streaming is very important in making the connected cameras to your cell phone work effectively and efficiently. When the range of your Wi-Fi hidden camera is high, about 2.4-GHz, and it is connected to your phone and the wireless network of your home, you will be able to stream and view live images and video from anywhere you are.  

Additionally, most of the apps are different from one to another. The mode of operation, display, design and more can be different. The phone app of a security camera could be self-developed software or software made available by third-party. It is advisable that you go for a hidden cam that supports self-developed software such as HD Mask App. Furthermore, you need to confirm that the security camera will work perfectly with the smartphone you are using. How can you get this done? By testing the remote viewing function. Once you receive a signal on your phone, it means live videos can be viewed on your cell phone from any location.

However, take note that the fact that an iPhone charger hidden camera signals a remote viewing function on your phone does not mean the function will be smooth. So, before you purchase the best USB security camera to connect with your cell phone, check the operating system and the app to make sure they will work together seamlessly and perfectly.

Benefits of Connecting Security Cameras to Cell Phone 

  1. It will allow 24/7 surveillance – Can you see or have a view of what is going on in your house and the environment if you are not there or if you don’t have something to view what is happening? Of course, no! 24/7 surveillance is one of the biggest benefits of connecting security cameras to a cell phone. With the cutting-edge hidden security camera app for Android phones and iPhones, you can view the live footage of what is going on in your home directly on your phone. Additionally, there are some best USB spy cameras that allow surveillance of your properties throughout the year. Also, you will be able to manage motion detection alerts, zoom cameras, record videos, search through the footage you have recorded in the past, and more. 
  1. Reduces false alarm and provides greater peace of mind – Connecting your security camera to a cell phone can help reduce false alarms and also offer greater peace of mind. How is this possible? As a homeowner or business owner, you can combine the remote viewing with your alarm systems. This will help you prevent and detect threats that could result in injury at home or in the office and also loss of valuable items in your home. When you have your USB wall charger spy camera connected to your phone, you can deal with fewer false alarms and worry less about your home and properties security. 
  1. Multiple camera monitoring – When your surveillance security cameras are connected to a cell phone, you will be able to monitor all of them at once. This means you won’t have to worry about complex remote monitoring. You can keep an eye on what is going on in the rooms, the balcony, backyard, front door and more at the same time and on the same cell phone. 

Helps in prosecution – connecting a security camera to a cell phone can help capture a clearer image of an intruder, and also identify the face of the person breaking into your home. Also, you will be able to identify the plate number of the vehicle he or she comes with. Additionally, you will be able to find a clue to who is dumping on your lawn illegally. All the pictures and videos can be presented to the jury when a prosecution is needed. Apart from prosecution, connecting your USB surveillance camera with your cell phone will also help you know if your loved ones at home are having a good or bad day through their clearly shown facial appearance. 

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How to Connect Your Security Camera to Cell Phone


Regardless of the type of cell phone, you are using, either Android or iOS phones, there are general steps you can follow to connect the indoors and outdoors home security cameras to your phone successfully. Let’s use the HD Mask camera and the surveillance application as an example.

Step one – Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store and download the iMiniCam application for your USB charger hidden camera. This is for someone using HD Mask. But if you are using a different spy cam ensure you search for the right app and the one that is suitable for your device and then download it. Alternatively, you can use any QR scanning app to scan the QR code of the Wi-Fi hidden camera. You will be navigated to a page that tells you to select the suitable means of downloading the app for your device. Once any of the options are done, install the downloaded application on your phone.

Step two – depending on the model of home security camera you are using, insert the battery or plug the spy cam into an electrical outlet that is functioning to power it. Switch the hidden cam on and reset it if necessary. The reset can take about 30 seconds to one minute. It varies from one surveillance camera to another. Also, there are some that indicate if the reset is complete.        

Step three - once the reset is done open the Wi-Fi settings on your cell phone and searches for the signal of the USB wall charger spy camera. When your phone finds the Wi-Fi address of the hidden camera connects your Android or iPhone to it. In case, your phone fails to find the security camera, reset it.

Step four – After the phone has been linked to your hidden camera phone charger, open the security camera app and add the camera. This step can differ from app to app. There are some spy cams that will tell you to click the “add device,” “add camera” or “add” to add the hidden cams to the application. As for the HD Mask, you will see a circled plus (+) sign, click it to add the surveillance camera to the app. For other apps, you need to take your time to understand how it works. Once you get it, you can establish a connection between your phone and spy cams.

Once you have connected your security camera to the cell phone, you can explore further to access other functions such as camera settings, alarm configuration, remote viewing setup and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Connecting Security Cameras to Cell Phone 

  1. Can My Security Camera Work With A Third-Party App?

Yes, your home security camera can work with third-party apps in most cases. There are lots of home security apps that are compatible with windows phones, android phones, iPad, and iPhones. However, I will advise you to use the specific app for your best USB spy camera to reduce the risk of compatibility issues.

  1. Can I View Feeds From Hidden Camera Link To My Cell Phone Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can. You can use the cellular data to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you can also link a cellular security camera to your phone.

  1. Are All Spy Cams Completely Wireless?

There are some cameras that are wired into a VCR, DVR, or other systems before you can view the videos. So, it is not all the hidden security cameras are completely wireless.

Cap Off

Connecting security cameras to phone is an easy task when you find the quality surveillance cameras for your home and business. And what makes up a quality hidden camera linked to a cell phone? Of course, it is the features mentioned above. Consider the features above when selecting your spy cams and also follow the steps provided to have a hassle-free connection between the best USB hidden cameras and your cell phone.


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