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Best Spy Cam For Home Security And Indoor Surveillance

Best Spy Cam For Home Security And Indoor Surveillance

Modern advances in innovation and technology have lead to the production of smaller and better home security gadget and devices. When it comes to home security and indoor surveillance, we now have Hidden and spy cameras. Spy cams are the type that is integrated into items to look inconspicuous. Many of these Hidden cameras have extremely small size dimensions, and quite a few are integrated into items to act as camouflage.

Now, let me introduce to you one of the best Spy cam suitable for both home and office use and that is no other than the HD Mask. This type of spy cam comes with amazing features embedded in one small device. In this article, I will show you the features that make a home security camera the best, the factors to consider when buying them, and why HD Mask is the best spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance

Let’s dive in;

Features Of That Makes Up The Best Spy Cam 

  1. Motion Detection: Most Spy cameras now come with a motion detection functionality which prompts the device to record security footages once movement is sensed within the camera’s vicinity and viewing area. After all, you won’t want to record an empty room all day. Motion detection is a must have for a hidden camera to be regarded as one of the best spy cams. With a camera like this, you get to save on storage space and get alert notifications when your property is intruded. 
  1. Dual Functionality: Dual Functionality refers to the ability of a modern gadget to function as a hidden camera and also serve its original purpose. Many a hidden camera comes with a dual function that enlarges their usefulness. That is this camera performs other functions apart from just taking security footages. Think of a device like the HD mask that comes as a USB charging adapter which can be plugged to a power outlet. The spy cam can be used to charge your phone or tablet and at the same time record security footages. 
  1. Time Scheduled Recording: With most hidden cameras of this age, you get to set the exact time of the day you need the camera to record security footages. Although this happens not to be a common feature, you find in most spy cams, but it is still available in some models of hidden Camera. Your ability to schedule is to set the exact time of the day when you want your camera to record irrespective of whether the motion is detected or not. 
  1. Video Recording: With Hidden cameras, you have the ability to video record any event that might occur for reference purpose. This functionality has proven useful to most security agencies as some of the video footages have been tendered as evidence against verdicts. 
  1. Availability of Storage Space: Many spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance comes with storage spaces where you can keep records of video and images of security footages. With technology advancement in place, we now have cameras that have been integrated with cloud storage which allows you to keep recordings via the internet. 
  1. Wireless Connection: Security footages from your home or office can be viewed anywhere in the world today due to the help of a wireless network. Many Hidden cameras now rely on the WiFi Network type to connect your smart devices such as your smart mobile phones, tablets, and smart TV. With a wireless connection, you get the advantage of getting security notification on smart mobile devices. 
  1. Incorporation with Mobile apps: Your Security footages are seen thanks to the mobile apps that accompany many of these spy cams for home security and indoor surveillance types. These mobile apps are easy to download from the Google Play store, Apple store. Once installed on your mobile devices, you find it easy to receive security alerts and even forward an emergency call once security is breached.

Factors To Consider Before Procuring A Spy Camera

  1. Budget: Most of these Hidden cameras are incredibly expensive. That is simply because they come with more functionality embedded in one small device. A lot of technological, innovative idea has been placed into building this device often by top-notch engineers. Also, the more the functionality of this spycams the more the cost. Therefore, when it comes to buying a spy camera (Hidden camera) always try to weigh your budget size.
  1. Type of Camouflage: different brands of hidden cameras use many forms of disguise. Most of these camera camouflages by integrating with many modern gadgets which serves their daily and useful purposes. There are camouflages in the form of a wall clock, an audio speaker, wristwatch, a Smoke detector and most shocking is even in the form of a toilet brush. In the case of the HD mask, a charging adapter was adopted as a camouflage. This charging USB adapter serves a useful purpose of powering other devices such as your tablet, mobile phones and so on. 
  1. Type of Technological connection: Many forms of technological connection comes with spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance. While some are primitive, others are quite reliable, and they won’t disappoint you in terms of connection. There is a hardwired connection and also the wireless connection. Although there might be some intermittent drops with wireless connection and some loss of data, it is quite obscured against any form of visibility. 
  1. Power source: Many Hidden cameras often rely on batteries to work overtime. However, if you need your camera to work for a long period, you will need a reliable source of power. The need to select your spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance based on power source comes into play mainly because for a hidden camera that relies on AC power supply you will need a host of wires thereby killing all the purpose of the camera being hidden or made to spy. However, there can be some exceptions with HD Mask. 
  1. Viewing resolution: This is yet another detail you need to consider if at all you wish to get a reliable spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance. Getting security images with clear images will be based on whether your security camera has a very High resolution. Best of the type is the one made of High Definition (HD) as you get very crispy and crystal clear videos. You can use the HD mask has it comes with High Definition camera of around 1080pixels. 
  1. The color of Video View: Once you are clear with the camera resolution what you need to consider next is the colorization of the video the camera can record. Your camera can either record monochromatically (Black and White) or has a high color definition. If you procure a spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance whose color display is white and black your details will not be clear enough as a colored video will reveal. Therefore, for your own best interest it is advisable you procure a multi-color type camera. 
  1. Storage space: To record your videos and images the chances are that you will need to store some of your security footages for reference purpose. That will mean you need a spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance with enough storage space at least nothing less than 32 GB memory capacity. 

HD Mask As The Best Spy Camera


Looks and impressions:

First time I set my eyes on this spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance, I was fooled into believing it’s just a phone accessory. HD mask is one of the best cameras for Home and office use. The HD mask is a high tech spy camera you can ever get on the market today. It is not obvious thanks to the fact that the home security camera is integrated into a small USB adapter which can also be used as a charging accessory for your phones and tablets. It is a discreet spy camera with a 1080p video resolution.

The 1080p video resolution allows it to record crystal clear videos of your security footages. It comes with a size dimension of 1.77 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches which makes it quite portable. Also, the spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance comes in color black, and it is designed with an ABS material. The spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance is quite easy to use as all you need to do is to plug it to a power supply. It does not come with a removable battery and relies entirely on AC power to work continuously something that is not common with many brands of home security cameras.

It also allows you to capture all positions around your vicinity by using multiple cameras. The presence of a motion detection sensor allows the device to start recording only when there is movement within the camera’s perimeter. Additionally, the spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance uses a loop form of recording to keep videos and images. This loop form of recording allows overwriting of the previous files once your memory space is full.


Connection with this device is wireless thanks to the fact that it is WiFi enabled. This feature enables you to view your security footage anywhere in the world without any worries. The spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance also comes along with a mobile app that can be installed on mobile devices. With the mobile app, you can receive alerts of any form of security breach, indirectly save your videos and make emergency calls to alert security personnel even in your absence.

Final Words

In this modern world, Security and surveillance are highly important. There is indeed an urgent need to secure your properties against theft in an unsuspecting manner. Ask me why the HD Mask is the best spy cam for home security and indoor surveillance and I will tell you it is the best because it comes with features that are unique and bridges the gap left by other home surveillance cameras. I deliver well, and it is quite reliable. With, HD mask the security of your home can be taken cared of with little to no worries.