5 Genius Wearable Discreet Cameras!

5 Genius Wearable Discreet Cameras!

Gone are the days when actual spies were the only people using cool gadgets like spy cameras. Today, almost every household has a security camera outside or a discreet camera like HD Mask Noir inside the house. But what about wearable spy cameras, like the ones kids in the movie Spy Kids had?

If you need to record a certain situation to get evidence, you can buy discreet cameras that you can wear. Here are a review and a complete guide for the best wearable, discreet security cameras out there!

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Top Picks for Wearable Discreet Cameras

Below is a table of comparison between the best wearable security cameras that we picked:




Motion detection

   Night vision

Extra features

Lk care bracelet

   2 x 0.4 x 0.3



   Sports watch


1.6 x 0.9 x 0.6




Lkcare pen

5.8 x 0.5 x 0.5




Icemoon glasses

5.5 x 5.5 x 2.8




NIYPS mini

0.9 x 0.7 x 0.9




Lkcare Hidden Camera Bracelet

Are you one of those who wear watches every day? Sport watches to be specific? Good news! Now you can switch to this cool wristband from Lkcare, record videos, and no one will even notice what you’re doing. Talk about being sneaky!

This spy camera is hidden very discreetly on the screen of the wristband. A layer of resin covers the camera, which makes it very unnoticeable. This might affect the camera quality, though, as the substance is right over the lens.

The best thing? It’s not only a spy camera but also a legitimate health monitoring wristband. It shows you the time and has a pedometer and a calorie tracker. Moreover, it has a USB port so that you can plug and play the videos you recorded. Not to forget, it supports a 128 GB SD card.

With a camera resolution of 1080p, you can record high-quality videos with ease. Sit with your arms crossed or with hands on your knees and record away! Who’d imagine the innocent wristband that you supposedly wear for health monitoring is recording anything? 


  • Supports up to 128 GB SD card
  • Very discreet
  • 1080p resolution
  • Pedometer and calorie tracker


  • Camera resolution affected by the resin layer
  • Indicator flashes thrice before recording


Want to record something while you’re walking or running? This camera from ALIWESTCOM will prove useful for you then. It is probably the size of your pinky and is black with a small camera lens that is very discreet.

The main feature of this security camera is that it has three clips that attach to just about anything. Be it your shirt, a pocket in your bag, or even a wall. The detachable clips will let you hang the camera anywhere, which is a big plus.

Furthermore, the camera has options to record video in continuous and motion detection mode, both. Yes, this little dude has a motion detection feature as well! Another plus point is that it has loop recording enabled as well, so you don’t have to worry about storage with this camera. 

Although the recording time is only ninety minutes before you need to recharge it, it is still good enough. The 1080p resolution, along with a covert black exterior, makes the camera discreet enough for spying.


  • Small and discreet
  • 1080p resolution
  • Motion detection
  • Attaches everywhere
  • Can be mounted on the wall with the USB cable plugged in


  • Ninety minutes recording time only with a full charge

Lkcare Pen Spy Camera

Another great spy camera from Lkcare is designed as a pen. You can hang it on the pocket of your shirt using the clip attached to the ballpoint. The camera will start recording after you press a small and discreet button on top of the ballpoint. It’s that easy!

The good thing about this security camera is that it can record videos for up to two and a half hours after charging it completely. This is pretty impressive, considering the size and price of this camera. Moreover, you can use it as a pen as well, or pretend to do so, while recording. The lens is tiny, and this makes the camera super discreet.

It supports an SD card of up to 128 GBs. So you just have to insert the SD card, and it will start recording. Furthermore, you can connect the pen with a USB cable to transfer all the data into a PC or a MAC. You won't even need to install any additional software.

It also offers a loop recording feature along with a 1080p camera resolution. With the discretion that comes with this camera, we think it's a pretty good deal.


  • Easy to use
  • Loop recording
  • Supports up to 128 GBs SD card
  • Includes five ink refills for the ballpoint
  • Battery up to 2.5 hours
  • Sleek design


  • An indicator flashes thrice before recording

Icemoon Hidden Camera Glasses

What’s the most wearable option when it comes to security cameras? Glasses, of course! What could be a more discreet yet easy way to record evidence than glasses? Just look at the scene of action with these glasses from Icemoon and start recording discreetly. It’s a genius idea!

You can insert an SD card onto the frame of the glasses and start recording whatever you want to, or take pictures. The device is also WiFi-enabled and comes with an app. Hence, you can keep the glasses anywhere and record and watch real-time, even when you’re not wearing them. 

The device also has motion detection in it, so when the camera is stationary, this will be useful as it will save space. Not that you need to save space, because it also offers the loop recording feature. So you won't have to worry about space. 

It’s a very feature-packed discreet camera. Not to forget, it also has a camera resolution of 1080p and can be set to a lower resolution as well. What more could one ask for from a security camera?


  • Discreet
  • Wifi-enabled
  • Live stream recording with app
  • Motion detection
  • Can be used while the USB cable is plugged in
  • Loop recording


  • Only records around forty-five minutes with a full charge
  • Supports up to 64 GB SD card only

NIYPS Mini Spy Camera

If all the fancy and cool spy cameras described above aren’t your thing, then this mini camera from NIYPS will do the trick. It is less than an inch in size and cube-shaped, and we can’t help but think that it looks really cute!

The package includes a clip so that you can attach the camera in your pocket, your backpack, bike, or wherever it's suitable for you. This little guy also has night vision enabled, so you can record stuff even when there are no lights outside.

Although it works for only fifty minutes after a full charge, it is still impressive for a camera this tiny. It is also motion detection and loop recording enabled, so having a 32 GB SD card slot won’t be much of an issue. 

With a 1080p camera resolution, you can record great quality videos while on the go. It is simple, easy to use, and small enough to be discreetly used.


  • Small size
  • Night vision
  • Can be attached to metal using the magnet on the back
  • Motion detection and loop recording


  • Supports 32 GD SD card only
  • Fifty minutes of recording time when not plugged in

Tips for Buying a Security Camera

If you’re not sure of what to look for in a security camera, here are some things you should focus on:


The purpose of a security camera is to capture someone mid-act to gain evidence. If your security is not hidden, you will be making the subject aware of being watched. Hence, your security camera must be discreet, whether you’re using it outside your house, inside, or wearing one for spying purposes.

Cameras that look like something else are the best option for a discreet camera. For instance, wearable spy cameras such as the glasses from Icemoon are discreet and very unnoticeable. If you want to mount your camera inside your house, then something like a USB charger with an embedded camera in it, like the one from HD Mask, would work well.


The biggest issue you may face when wearing a spy camera is battery time. Some spy cameras, although very feature-packed and high quality, fail to offer long durations of video recording. They work perfectly fine when plugged in with the USB cable, though.

So, when you’re shopping for a wearable security camera, look for the duration of video recording after a full charge. This also depends on what you need it for. For example, if you want it to record just a short scene, then around one hour will be enough. But they will not work for longer recording sessions as you will need to recharge the camera after some time.

Video Resolution

A spy camera will be of no use if you can’t see what you recorded. A good camera will offer at least 1080p video resolution for a crystal clear view. This way, even when you zoom in on the video, you can see people and objects that are far away.

Also, sometimes, you may not need such a high resolution, and it will only waste space on your SD card. Hence, look for cameras that have the option to record on lower resolutions as well. This will also provide better connectivity if your camera is wifi enabled, and your wifi connection isn’t as great.


What good would a camera be if it runs out of space without you even recording the full thing?. Though loop recording solves this problem, what if you need more space? Hence, always make sure the camera supports at least up to a 32 or 64 GB SD card.

Ease of Use

Technology is changing everything. If your wearable security camera cannot start recording within one press or touch of a button, then it’s not discreet enough. Look for instructions on how to use the camera and how it works before ordering it.

Some spy cameras need a lot of settings to be taken care of before you can get on with using it. Also, connecting it to a PC or MAC may prove to be a tedious and annoying task as you might have to run an installation software first. Hence, always read about these procedures when buying a camera.

Lens Size

Wearable cameras, as we mentioned earlier, need to be discreet. Discretion also includes lens size. If your camera is tiny, but the lens is huge, then this might be a giveaway. If you’re going to be recording from a distance, this won’t matter. But if you need to be up close, then look for cameras with smaller lenses.


Here are some FAQs answered, which will also help you with your purchase:

Is it legal to use spy cameras?

Each state has its own rules about the legality of using surveillance cameras. However, generally, it is legal to use spy cameras inside and outside your house without the consent of the other person. Be sure to check with what your state says about surveillance cameras to make sure you’re following the law.

Some states have strict rules about the use of audio recording without the subject’s consent, but video recording is mostly legal.

Where is the data saved?

A spy camera usually has a slot for inserting an SD card where all the data is stored and saved. You can connect the camera to a PC with a USB cable and view all the recordings easily. 

How long can I record with my spy camera?

Generally, you can record from up to one to two hours with a full charge. This depends on the camera’s battery, though. Some will record less than an hour, while others will last more than 2.5 hours.

How long does a spy camera need to charge?

It takes around 2 to 3 hours for a spy camera to recharge completely. However, this varies between different cameras.


Security cameras are a must-have in households these days. Whether you opt for an indoor security camera like HD Mask or a wearable security camera like the ones reviewed above, you can be sure that you will get discretion when using them. Because like we said, discretion is most important when it comes to security cameras.

Our list comprises of various discreet cameras. So go ahead and get on your spying mission fearlessly, because these security cameras will do the job covertly and with ease.

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